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Shop Your Closet: Capsule Wardrobe Holiday Outfits

The last several days, I have been looking constantly for holiday leggings and "cute" ugly Christmas sweaters. I don't have time to be looking for these items, and I don't want to spend much on them, but I keep seeing such cute outfits that involve snowflake sweaters, fair isle prints, reindeer, and more. I had convinced myself that I "needed" these items to create festive outfits. After finding nothing at two more stores tonight, I decided to make up a Polyvore set using items similar to ones I already own to create some festive holiday looks. I did a range of looks from casual to more dressy and I think I have some great ideas for outfits for the next few days.

Capsule Wardrobe Holiday Outfits by gracenote30 featuring imitation pearl earrings Look #1: Cream sweater, black ankle pants, black wedges, red scarf, black watch, and pearl studs
Look #2: Black short sleeve dress, gold open weave cardigan, riding boots, crystal statement necklace, and earrings

Book Review: NIV Bible for Women

I'm getting caught up on some book reviews and have had this NIV Bible for Women for a few months, so I'm overdue to review it! I've been interested in getting a new Bible in a different translation for some time, so I was excited to get a chance to get this one to review. I think Bibles can be hard to review because each person is looking for something different in his/her Bible. I thought I'd break my opinions down into two categories - the parts of this Bible that aren't my favorite and then the things that I love about this particular Bible.


I think the outer cover of this Bible is really pretty - aqua with a sort of chalkboard look to the font on it. Unfortunately, this is a dust jacket and it's hard to keep it on the Bible. The Bible itself is just a hard cover and the cover is a really plain dark brown with an aqua "Holy Bible" printed on the cover. My preference is a leather cover or to have the pretty aqua outside to be printed on t…

Book Review: When Love Returns by Kim Vogel Sawyer

When Love Returns by Kim Vogel Sawyer is book 3 in the Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy. This book is the conclusion of the trilogy and brings closure to a difficult situation in Suzanne Zimmerman's past when she was sent away from her Mennonite community as a pregnant teenager twenty years earlier. Some in the community now know the truth about the baby she gave up for adoption, but many still do not know. In addition, Suzanne's adopted daughter Alexa has questions about her biological family. Both Suzanne and Alexa embark on journeys throughout the book, some literal and some figurative, as they seek to find restoration and redemption for the past.

I thought this book was a great conclusion to the series. I felt it was realistic and well thought out. There is a good happy ending to the story, but I thought the book tackled some of the tough emotions that come with difficult life situations. I enjoyed the characters in the story and thought this was a great realistic fiction nov…

October Clothing Budget

It's been a few months since I've written a budget post. I have many thrifted items and lots of navy, gray, plum, and black this month!

October Clothing Budget by gracenote30 featuring a white cardigan

Here's what I got:
Airwalk Black and White Slip On Shoes - $5.30
Gray Merona Cardigan - $7.00
Gray Tee from Popbasic - $10.00
Coldwater Creek Tweed Vest from Schoola - $6.44
Gap Navy Geometric Print Shirtdress from Goodwill - $4.60
Plaid Shirt from Old Navy - $2.34 (on clearance + rewards)
Gray Print Cashmere Garnet Hill Cardigan (church rummage sale) - $0.50
Tan Ombre AB Studio Sweater (church rummage sale) - $0.50
Plum Quilted Daisy Fuentes Shift Dress (church rummage sale) - $1.00
Navy Lace Trim LC Lauren Conrad Top (church rummage sale) - $0.50
Floral Print Tennis Shoes from Target - Gift Card

Total Spent: $38.18

Lots of fun pieces this month. The church rummage sale was the most fun and the biggest surprise of the month. I found the items above for myself, a jacket and c…

Book Review: Love Everlasting by Tracie Peterson

Love Everlasting by Tracie Peterson is the third book in the Brides of Seattle series. I've read a number of Tracie Peterson books over the years and completed the first two books in the Brides of Seattle series as well. Love Everlasting is the conclusion of the series, so it is helpful to have read the first two books prior to reading this one. Aubrianna Cunningham and Wade Ackerman are finally considering beginning their courtship. Aubrianna is having some concerns about the relationship and how it will impact her long term friendship with Wade. In the meantime, Priam Welby, a recurring character (with a less-than-stellar reputation) from the other books in the series, makes it clear that he still has designs on Aubrianna. The ramifications of his interest end up being far-reaching and unexpected.

Where to start on my review of this book? First of all, I don't think the synopsis on the back of the book gave an accurate glimpse into the plot of the book. I don't want to g…

Schoola Promo

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know I love secondhand finds! I thrift a large portion of my wardrobe, and as ethical fashion has become more important to me, secondhand shopping has been a great way to avoid fast fashion.

Schoola is a new favorite site for me. I share my outfits over on Instagram now, and often tag my outfits with #schoolastyle, because I've gotten some great pieces from Schoola! Some of my faves: a herringbone Coldwater Creek vest, a red geometric Old Navy infinity scarf, a blue striped button up, and a pair of Old Navy khaki Pixie pants!

Right now, Schoola is running a great deal - sign up under my affiliate link and we each get $20 to spend. They are also offering free shipping right now, too, so it's a great time to try them out!

Have any of you tried Schoola yet? How was your experience!

Links above are my affiliate links; all opinions are my own.

Book Review: The Photograph by Beverly Lewis

The Photograph by Beverly Lewis is the story of three Amish sisters: Frona, Eva, and Lily. The sisters live on their own as both of their parents have died. Unexpectedly, Lily chooses to leave the Amish, and no one knows where she has gone. Eva tries to continue her day to day life, including running her candy shop and getting to know newcomer Jed Stutzman, while trying to solve the mystery of Lily's disappearance. Jed arrives in Eden Valley with a photograph he found on his trip from Ohio. He's sure he knows who is in the photograph, but appearances can be deceiving.

This book is the type of story I've come to expect from Beverly Lewis. Each book is a look into an Amish community and captures the lives of the fictional characters that live there. This book has a bit of mystery and suspense, but I feel it follows a pretty typical plot line for this type of novel. The book is very enjoyable and a pleasant and relaxing read. I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys well-re…

Book Review: Luther and Katharina by Jody Hedlund

Luther and Katharina by Jody Hedlund is a historical fiction novel like no other I've ever read. The book is based on the lives of Martin Luther and the former nun Katharina von Bora. Set in the 16th century, the novel is compelling and intense. It places the reader at the heart of the Reformation, a time period full of danger and persecution. The book does an amazing job of humanizing Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora. The characters are developed and realistic and the book has been well-researched and the events throughout the novel are based in historical fact.

I've read a number of Jody Hedlund's novels in the past. The time period and historic figures in this book set it apart from many others in the genre. I spent some time reading about Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora while reading this novel and felt that I learned a great deal from the book.

I feel that this book is very well-written, but I personally had a few issues with it that I want to share here in c…

Fall Outfit Inspiration: Rust, Mustard, Ivory, and Leopard

I picked up this beautiful ivory and gold Dinah tee during Elegantees Labor Day sale. It was a great deal and is still available in some sizes in ivory, pumpkin, and cappuccino. It's a lovely weight with elbow length sleeves and pretty gold leaf detailing around the neckline. (Save 10% with code CARLY.)

I added a rust cardigan, mustard skinnies that I picked up at a garage sale, and thrifted leopard flats for a fall ensemble just right for our cool weather this weekend.

I thought my gold earrings and bracelet from I Am Just One went really well with the outfit, too!

How's your weather this week? Still hot or starting to cool down?

I'm linking up!

What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy

Late Summer and Early Fall Transitional Capsule Wardrobe

Late summer to fall and early winter to spring are the two most difficult wardrobe transitions for me. These are the times of year that I'm most likely to have trouble putting outfits together. Inspired by Carrie at A Lovely Little Wardrobe and Alex at Undergraduate Style, I decided to create a short-term transitional capsule wardrobe to help. In general, I've embraced capsule wardrobes as a way of life, but I am fairly flexible about how I use them. If I need something for warmer or cooler weather, I go ahead and pull the items I need from another part of my wardrobe. I sometimes tweak my capsules on a monthly basis as well.

The capsule above will be for the month of September, perhaps into October depending on how it works and how the weather goes. I have 29 pieces pictured here and will be adding this top from Elegantees (use code CARLY to save 10% on your order) when it arrives. I may add a few other items as needed as well, but the goal would be to stay around 35 pieces.

Book Review: Ties That Bind

When I finished reading the book Ties That Bind by Cindy Woodsmall, my immediate reaction was to try and find out when the next book in the series will be published. :) I've read a number of Cindy Woodsmall's books in the past and always enjoyed them. This book was no exception. Ariana is one of several children in her family, which includes her twin brother Abram. She dreams of opening a cafe to help with her family's expenses and she's getting close to having enough money for a down payment on the building. She's surprised when her former friend Quill arrives back in town, 5 years after leaving the Amish with her friend Frieda. Quill's motives are genuine however, in spite of what Ariana thinks. However, Quill quickly finds himself drawn into a situation where he learns of shocking news that will change Ariana's life forever.

Cindy Woodsmall's writing style is both intricate and emotionally intense. I found this book to be very similar in tone to her…

Book Review: NIV Faithgirlz Bible

My daughter is already almost 8 and she has been asking for a fun looking Bible with pretty colors and patterns on it. The NIV Faithgirlz Bible certainly fits the bill. She was so excited when it arrived and she got the chance to begin reading it. The Bible is hardcover and very sturdy with a magnetic flap closure. The cover is decorated in shades of purple, aqua, pink, and green with owls, flowers, dot, and stripes. Some of the design is also metallic.

The Bible includes a number of features. Each book of the Bible is introduced with a page before the start of the verses. There are places within the Bible for readers to respond to what is being read ("In Your Own Words"), quizzes that ask how they would respond to a specific situation ("Bring It On!"), and explanations of interesting and difficult concepts ("Oh, I Get It!"). In addition, many of the pages include a box entitled, "Treasure This!" which highlights important verses. The text in t…

The Perfect Blouse with maurices: Contest Entry


Book Review: The Potter's Lady

I recently had an opportunity to read and review the book The Potter's Lady by Judith Miller. This book is part of the Refined by Love series. Rose McKay is a recent design school graduate and she's on her way back home to rejoin her family. Her brother Ewan used to oversee a brickyard, but he's choosing a new business to invest in. Despite his experience with brick making, Rose manages to convince her brother to purchase a pottery business instead. She's excited for the opportunity to get to use her artistic talent to paint on these pottery pieces, but she feels a tremendous amount of pressure to make the fledgling business succeed. Even with their best efforts, McKay Pottery begins to lose contracts to Harkness Pottery. Rylan Campbell does his best to help the business to succeed as he did for the previous pottery owner. He and Rose begin to work together on designing pottery in the hope of winning a design contest sponsored by Franklin Hotels. McKay Pottery needs th…

July Clothing Budget

It's been awhile since I've written a blog post and I skipped my June clothing budget round up, but I thought I'd check in and share what I bought it July. I've thrifted some pretty pieces, got a pair of made in the USA sandals, and finally got a multi colored paper bead necklace!

July Clothing Budget by gracenote30 featuring a paper necklace

Colorful paper bead necklace from Lot 2545: $12.20 (I also joined their silver level jewelry club for $10 a month to support their ministry. I will get a small piece of handmade jewelry each month as a part of this club.) **Use code 50FIFTY at checkout in their Etsy shop to get 50% off until the end of August!**White Mountain Lipstick cognac leather flats (Goodwill): $4.58American Apparel navy and white gingham button up (Goodwill): $2.30Old Navy nutmeg polka dot shorts (Goodwill): $1.76Apt. 9 gray and black animal print jersey dress (Goodwill): $5.65Sbicca Auckland sandals ( $19.22Coldwater Creek and Lands' End blouses…

Book Review: In Good Company

When I saw the cover for the new book In Good Company by Jen Turano, I knew it looked like something I wanted to read. I read and reviewed the first book in the series back in April. While this book is part of a series and does have some characters in common with the first title, it isn't necessary to read that book first; this title does a fine job as a stand alone book. In Good Company is the story of Millie Longfellow, an orphan turned misunderstood nanny, and Everett Mulberry, a respected and wealthy member of high society. When Everett is looking for a nanny for three children in his care, he discovers he needs Millie's help - despite her lack of good references. The unlikely pair find themselves embroiled in a variety of major and minor dramas, both serious and amusing - from peacocks to trying to get to the bottom of the children's parents' untimely deaths. Everett discovers that status isn't everything and learns that Millie, while unconventional, is actual…

Book Review: Hearts Made Whole

Hearts Made Whole by Jody Hedlund is book two in the Beacons of Hope series. The book is a historical fiction novel set in 1865 in Windmill Point, Michigan. Caroline Taylor has been running the Windmill Point Lighthouse on her own, while caring for her younger siblings, after the death of her father. The lighthouse inspector does not believe a woman can or should be running the lighthouse, a fact he makes perfectly clear. He tells Caroline he's assigned the lighthouse keeper job to someone new and she and her family must vacate the home adjacent to the lighthouse immediately. Ryan Chambers is a Civil War veteran who's been assigned the position of lighthouse keeper. He arrives at the lighthouse before Caroline has left, much to her surprise and chagrin. The reality is, Ryan needs Caroline's help to run the lighthouse, so she stays on to assist as he heals from the war and learns how to do the job - which they both desperately need and want.

This historical fiction novel is…

May 2015 Clothing Budget + What I'm Into

Time for another end of the month clothing budget roundup! This time, I'm going to try adding a short summary of what I've been up to and enjoying this month, too. I'd love to keep this up every month!

First up is my clothing budget -
Overall, it was a much better month for me. I was more focused on my list and really got some good pieces that are helping my wardrobe to work better together.

May Clothing Budget by gracenote30 featuring a chino trousers

Black Stylus cropped pants from JCPenney - $10.66 after coupon Floral blouse from Target - $13.32 Pink print Merona shorts from Goodwill - $3.51 Cobalt Liz Claiborne chinos from Goodwill - $4.58 Black Mossimo tee - $5.50 Mustard Limited skinny jeans from a garage sale - $0.25 Red tassel Old Navy scarf from Schoola - $1.00 Floral scarf and print scarf from Goodwill - $2.97
Total spent: $41.79 
For next month, I'd like to focus on a few items: brown sandals, cognac flats, a colorful long necklace, a solid short sleeve dress, and a so…

Book Review: Finding Me

I recently had the opportunity to read the book Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman. This contemporary Christian fiction novel tells the story of Kelli, a young adult who recently lost her father. Kelli has always been told that her mother and siblings died in a fire when she was a baby, but when she's going through her father's papers, she uncovers shocking news about her past. She takes this information and embarks on a journey to Tennessee to try and find out the truth. Kelli only intends to stay for awhile and not get involved in the lives of the people in this small town, but she quickly becomes a part of the lives of people she believes may be her family.

The characters and setting of this book are interesting and well-developed. The interactions among the characters are realistic and believable as well. The faith aspect of this book is light but still integral. There isn't a lot of overt "preaching", but church is a big part of the lives of the characters and pa…

Thrifting for Mother's Day

Hi all! Hope you are enjoying a lovely May. It's finally getting warm in our area. :) I wanted to share about how I thrifted my mom's Mother's Day gift this year. I really wanted to get her a Stitch Fix shipment. I love the idea of being surprised by a fun package of goodies specifically chosen for you by a stylist. My frugal nature started thinking and I decided to challenge myself and see if I could put together a "Thrift Fix" for my mom instead. So I took the $20 styling fee I would have paid to Stitch Fix and went to Goodwill instead. Here's what I got her for a grand total of $20.62.

Black and white Christopher and Banks tiered maxi skirt

Black, white, plum, and tan White House Black Market tunic

Pastel floral Croft and Barrow tee

Navy and gray hooded Sonoma open cardigan

Yellow, turquoise, black, and white floral East 5th tunic

The price of course! I got her some great brands for not much money.Lots of choices - I was able to get some specific pie…

April Clothing Budget

April Budget by gracenote30 on Polyvore

This month was a strange one in terms of shopping for me. Lots of thrifting, but many misses, too. I definitely spent more than $50, but I sold quite a bit on Ebay after doing a closet clean out, so it evened out the actual out of pocket spending. I wasn't able to find too many photos of my items this time since I thrifted so much. So on to the budget!

First up is Goodwill:
Bright blue Nike dual fusion running shoes (worn here)Aqua knit Old Navy scarf (ended up having a hole) Aqua Lands' End dressRed Sonoma popover blouse (worn here)Cream and black Merona sequined shell (the sequins itched me, so sold this on Ebay)Black 3/4 Chico's button up blouseTeal ponte New York and Company skirtYellow paisley Old Navy blouse (worn here)Navy Merona satchel (loved this, but it didn't hold up well - showed all kinds of wear and scuffed easily)Sonoma tan skirt (didn't end up working for me)Hot pink and orange JCP polka dot button upJ Crew de…

Book Review: After a Fashion

After a Fashion by Jen Turano is the first book I've read by the author. The book is the story of Harriet Peabody, a young lady trying to support herself by working in a millinery shop, while trying to get to the point where she can open her own clothing store. Mr. Oliver Addleshaw is a well-known, extremely wealthy man. The unlikely pair meet through even more unlikely circumstances and are thrown together when Oliver makes Harriet an offer she can't refuse.

Oliver strives to make a good impression on his potential business partner through his alliance with Harriet, but she quickly learns that she can't fit into his world. A series of surprising events changes the relationship between Harriet and Oliver and into something neither one could have imagined. This historical fiction novel is fast-paced and fun as well as full of mystery and storyline twists and turns. I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys historical fiction, especially those that are quirky and a little o…

March Clothing Budget

Time for another budget roundup! At the end of February, I won a $50 gift card from Ma Nouvelle Mode and Still Being Molly for participating in their 7x7 Remix. So this month, I had $100 total to spend on clothes. I also had quite a few promo gift cards from Kohl's and Old Navy that I used toward some different purchases. Here's what I bought this month!

March Budget by gracenote30 featuring a white trousers
Orange bib necklace (seen here) - Free by using $5 GCPurple and gold bracelet - $0.21 after $5 GCCropped Sonoma khakis and Gold LC earrings - $10.03 Undergarments - $9.70JCPenney
Black Liz Claiborne coat - $22.41Target
Black sunglasses and tan cardigan - $12.76Old Navy
Tank tops - Purchased with ON rewards cashGoodwill
Leopard print Aerosoles sandals (seen here) - $4.58Purple print Merona dress (worn here) - $2.83Anchor print cropped Old Navy pants (seen here) - $4.58Olive Christopher and Banks vest (seen here) - $4.58The Root Collective
Navy, gray, and cream woven scar…

Colored Pants for Spring

Colored Pants for Spring (Under $30)! by gracenote30 on Polyvore
I was so inspired by the post today from Alison at Get Your Pretty On that I did some online shopping for dressier colored pants for spring. since I can't wear jeans to work. I found all these options for under $30! I may order the jade green ones in the lower right hand corner. Which color is your favorite?

March Goals

I've been reading about and writing goals for awhile now. I always, always have many more ideas that I don't write down - and some of them do still get done. I try to keep my goals simple, basic, and attainable, otherwise I lose focus. Right now, we're going through a challenging season in life as my dad is going through radiation on his throat for thyroid cancer. He had a second surgery for the cancer in January (his first was last January) and this time he had to have a tumor removed from the trachea and his trachea reconstructed. Now he is starting on radiation (5 treatments down, 28 to go!). So my goals are focused on simplifying and streamlining and minimizing stress right now. I also don't usually include work goals (I'm a youth services librarian.), but there's lots going on there as we go through a remodeling project, new leadership, and planning for summer reading.

Here are my March goals:
Exercise 26 timesRun 6 timesRead 60 chapters of the New Testamen…

Book Review: Where Trust Lies

When I heard that the book Where Trust Lies by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan was being released, I was eager to get an opportunity to read and review it. The second book in the Return to the Canadian West series and a companion to the earlier release, Where Courage Calls, the book continues Beth Thatcher's story after she completes her year of teaching in the Canadian West. Beth returns home to her family with many stories to tell and lots to catch up on! She's awaiting the possibility of being asked to return and teach another year and also beginning a long distance courtship with Jarrick, the Canadian Mountie who she's grown to care for. Unexpectedly, she finds herself swept into a whirlwind family vacation aboard a steamship. As Beth and her family travel along the coast of Canada and the United States, she adjusts to new relationships with her mother and sisters and encounters a variety of new situations - all the while keeping her teaching and Jarrick close in her …

February Clothing Budget

This month, my goal was to use coupons and gift cards as much as possible. I had a couple $5 Old Navy rewards, a $10 Penney's coupon, some Kohl's cash from the Yes 2 You Rewards program, and a $10 off $25 Payless coupon. I also did a lot of thrifting! I was definitely on a navy and white kick. I also got some fabric because I am going to try and make myself some tees, cardigans, and skirts. I paid for the fabric with some leftover birthday money.

February Purchases and Budget by gracenote30 featuring petite tops

JCPenney: Gray blazer - $4.79Graphic tee - $1.59Old Navy: Leggings - gift cardKohl's: Peach blouse - $0.57Applee Jewelry: Hot pink necklace - $7.94Payless: American Eagle sandals - $4.86Target:  Red scarf - $4.48Goodwill: Navy and white striped Ann Taylor tee - $4.50Navy and white Gap raindrop blouse - $2.31Cobalt and gray striped JCP boyfriend cardigan - $5.15Avon: Fade to Dusk tortoiseshell necklace - $4.50Plato's Closet: Navy and white striped Old Navy vest - $7.37Tota…

Choose Your Own Fabric Car Trash Bags

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to pop in and share about a new listing in the shop that I'm super excited about! We got some beautiful new fabrics for the shop and have added a Choose Your Own Fabric car trash option. Right now we have 14 fabric choices, which you can see below:

 We'd love to make one for you!! Have a wonderful week!

Book Review: Like a Flower in Bloom

I finished reading Like a Flower in Bloom by Siri Mitchell a few weeks back and now it's time for a review! Set in England in the mid-1850's, Charlotte is the child of botanist parents and has been permitted to study botany and assist her widowed father in his profession. Suddenly, to Charlotte's surprise and dismay, her uncle suggests she stop assisting her father and officially join "proper society" and pursue marriage and a family. Charlotte has no interest in doing so, but her father insists, and even hires Edward Trimble as his new assistant. Desperate to regain her position at her father's right hand, Charlotte and a friend decide Charlotte should actively pursue matrimony in the hopes her father will miss her so much, he will ask her back immediately. Her plan goes awry, with many twists and turns (sometimes humorous and sometimes mortifying) along her journey.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was different from many of the Christian historical …

Winter Survival: What's Saving Me Right Now

Winter is not my favorite season and it has become increasingly more difficult for me over the years for a variety of reasons - the cold and lack of light being high on the list. I was pleased to discover others posting about similar feelings and the ways they cope with winter over at The Modern Mrs. Darcy.

So February 2 is the halfway point of winter, and I along with others are sharing what's getting us through this winter! Here's my list:

Candles - Some days I light one, other days I light 4-5, The light and the scents add warmth and coziness to our home. Exercise - I need to exercise for so many reasons, but my motivation is extremely low in the winter. I run, but I struggle to change my clothes and get outside this time of year - or even go to the treadmill in the garage. I bought this Leslie Sanson DVD a couple months ago, and it is really working for me. I start out with just 10 minutes, and most of the time, I can get at least 30 minutes in once I get started. It's…

January Clothing Budget

I haven't blogged all month! I started a couple posts, but never finished them. I have been posting outfits on Instagram and participating in style challenges there, which has been fun and more convenient lately. I'm hoping to continue posting on here at least for monthly budget posts and book reviews. I am also thinking of participating in the Shop Your Closet remix at Greater Than Rubies in February, but it remains to be seen whether I'll actually take photos of and blog about my outfits here. :)

I had a good month thrifting and shopping the sales and bought quite a few items in general. Here's what I got:

Quilted look black satchel - Meijer: $6.41Black polka dot fleece gloves - Meijer: $6.72Cozy one button boots - American Eagle: $16.01Chaps gray and cream checked flannel - Goodwill: $4.58Loft gray and navy tipped cardigan - Goodwill: $1.41Sonoma mint cable sweater - Goodwill: $2.82Charter Club pink and white gingham buton up - Goodwill: $2.30Eddie Bauer long sleeve t…

December Clothing Budget

It's here! The final budget post for 2014. Overall, the $50 a month worked pretty well for me. I sometimes had a little more if I had gift cards or sold some items, etc, but $50 was a reasonable limit for me each month. I may try the quarterly concept this year, just to see if that would help me in purchasing a larger item like a winter coat, boots, etc, but I would pretty much stick to the same yearly goal of $600.

Here's what I bought this month:

December 2014 Purchases by gracenote30 featuring side zipper boots This month was a combination of thrifting, spending birthday money, and taking advantage of Christmas deals! I have photos of about half of my items. Black Leggings: $5.00 - I bought these as a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal, and I was not impressed at all with the quality. They pilled up right away. They were from a "deal" site and were Steve Madden brand, but I am not thrilled with them. Any recommendations for nice leggings? Target Midi Skirt: $14.93 Payl…