Book Review: The Potter's Lady

I recently had an opportunity to read and review the book The Potter's Lady by Judith Miller. This book is part of the Refined by Love series. Rose McKay is a recent design school graduate and she's on her way back home to rejoin her family. Her brother Ewan used to oversee a brickyard, but he's choosing a new business to invest in. Despite his experience with brick making, Rose manages to convince her brother to purchase a pottery business instead. She's excited for the opportunity to get to use her artistic talent to paint on these pottery pieces, but she feels a tremendous amount of pressure to make the fledgling business succeed. Even with their best efforts, McKay Pottery begins to lose contracts to Harkness Pottery. Rylan Campbell does his best to help the business to succeed as he did for the previous pottery owner. He and Rose begin to work together on designing pottery in the hope of winning a design contest sponsored by Franklin Hotels. McKay Pottery needs the contract from the hotel in order for the business to survive.

I loved the historical fiction setting of the book and the pottery business part of the plot. The novel is quite suspenseful and full of mystery. I feel that the book stands alone even if you haven't read the first book in the series, but the first title might give you some background on the other characters and the story itself. In general, I think book would be best for adults because of an implied (not described) physical relationship between two characters that are not in love or engaged. The relationship is integral to the plot, but I do believe it makes the content of the book a bit more adult. I feel that the plot was wrapped up and resolved very tidily and quickly, which was not necessarily completely believable. The book is an entertaining read that I think most readers who enjoy historical fiction would like.

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for this review; all opinions are my own.