Winter Survival: What's Saving Me Right Now

Winter is not my favorite season and it has become increasingly more difficult for me over the years for a variety of reasons - the cold and lack of light being high on the list. I was pleased to discover others posting about similar feelings and the ways they cope with winter over at The Modern Mrs. Darcy.

So February 2 is the halfway point of winter, and I along with others are sharing what's getting us through this winter! Here's my list:

  • Candles - Some days I light one, other days I light 4-5, The light and the scents add warmth and coziness to our home. 
  • Exercise - I need to exercise for so many reasons, but my motivation is extremely low in the winter. I run, but I struggle to change my clothes and get outside this time of year - or even go to the treadmill in the garage. I bought this Leslie Sanson DVD a couple months ago, and it is really working for me. I start out with just 10 minutes, and most of the time, I can get at least 30 minutes in once I get started. It's not running, but it's something at least.
  • School delays - That extra 2 hours is so nice on snowy mornings!
  • Instagram fashion challenges - Having a theme, color, or pattern to try and incorporate makes getting dressed more fun and stretches my creativity. It's also keeping me from getting bored with the same winter layers day in and day out.
  • Monday night pizza night - We've been making homemade pizza on Monday nights, and everyone seems happy about this, plus it's one less decision for me to make.
  • Visits to a new coffee shop - Over the weekend, we visited a new local coffee shop in a town about 10 minutes away for the third time since it opened. So nice and cozy!
  • Thrifting - I've been finding some fun clothes and great brands the past few weeks at my favorite Goodwill in the area. I'm sitting here typing in a mint green cable knit sweater thrifted there a couple weeks ago. I'm also on the lookout for Pyrex, but nothing yet.
How are you getting through winter in your neck of the woods? Check out what others are saying at The Modern Mrs. Darcy!


Lindsay said…
Winter has always been a tough season for me. You are not alone. The sun is peeking out now- I should go gobble some up. I try to soak in Vitamin D whenever I can!
This is a great list. Candles are definitely on mind. Instagram fashion challenges made me smile—that's such a fun way to find some motivation.