Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer 10x14 Remix: Recap!

I wrapped up my summer remix challenge last Thusday. I managed to create 14 different outfits using 10 pieces. Here's a look at my outfits;

Summer 10x14 Remix

Summer 10x14 Remix by gracenote30 on Polyvore

Overall, I enjoyed the challenge. As usual, I leaned heavily on shoes, scarves, and jewelry to make the outfits look more unique. I wore 9 different pairs of shoes over the course of 14 days. :) I would have liked a few more layering pieces - I missed my denim jacket and cardigans! I also would have liked another option or two for really hot weather. My favorite part of the challenge was knowing exactly what I was going to wear every day. I liked this so much...that I am doing a 20x21 remix for most of the month of  July. It's hosted by teachthriftwear on Instagram. Check out our capsule outfits on Instagram!

Summer Style with Schoola

If you've read this blog for any length of time, it's no secret that I love thrifting and purchases that give back - purchasing with purpose is my favorite! I bought my first items from Schoola a little over a year ago and have purchased several times since then. If you're not familiar with Schoola, here's a little background: Schoola provides a unique way to fundraise for schools. People send in their new or gently used clothing to Schoola, and instead of receiving money back from those clothing items, 40% of the proceeds from items sold are donated to the school of the donor's choice. Individuals that buy from Schoola get to an environmental, ethical, and educational impact with their purchases as well.

Recently, I reached out to Schoola to collaborate on a blog post, and they graciously sent a box of goodies for myself and my daughter! Our favorite pieces from the box were perfect for festive Fourth of July looks!

My daughter fell in love with this red, white, and blue sleeveless blouse by Piper that Schoola sent her. We layered it over a red lace-trimmed tank and paired it with some jean shorts (made from Levis we got from Goodwill for $2.29). This outfit was perfect for tumbling with her dance studio at a local parade today. (You can see her tumbling in action over on my Instagram!)

This navy and cream cap sleeve top from The Limited was my favorite piece I received. I added some thrifted Old Navy boyfriend jeans, paper bead necklace from Lot2545, and denim espadrille slip ons from Target (mine were on sale for $12.50 in store). I like this top so much, that I'm using it as one of my 20 pieces in a 20x21 remix for the first three weeks of July!

Schoola tips and tricks:

  • Schoola runs some great promos. They often run free shipping, percentages off, etc. These promos typically do not include new with tags items.
  • If you do select free shipping, be aware that shipping time for that option is longer. I believe it states 14-21 days. I usually order, forget about it, and am pleasantly surprised when my items arrive. :) I'm currently waiting on an order containing white Lands' End pants and a blue and red Merona plaid button up.
  • There are tons of items for women, men, and kids on the site - the search feature is your friend! Restrict by size, color, item type, condition, etc. to narrow down your results.
  • Right now, Schoola is offering $20 off new orders when you sign up using a referral link (mine is featured in this post). I will get a $20 credit as well when you place your order.
Take a look at Schoola, and let me know what you think! I have been pleased with the condition of all the items I've purchased from them. Have you bought anything from Schoola before?

**I received clothing items from Schoola in exchange for this review; all opinions are my own.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Book Review: From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden

From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden is another great historical fiction novel by the author. I've read some of her other books in the past and I enjoy her writing style and the way she brings history to life. The book is set in Boston in 1897. It's part mystery, part suspense, part romance, part historical fiction. Stella West is an artist. She has been in London for several years and is celebrated for her ability to illustrate. Romulus White is the partial owner of a successful scientific magazine. He's been trying to get Stella West to illustrate for the magazine for years. When Stella comes to Boston, Romulus sees his chance to get her to work for him. He has no idea that she's left London to investigate her sister's untimely death. The pair end up working as a team in several areas even though Romulus doesn't believe Stella's sister died under suspicious circumstances. The book is full of twists and turns until it arrives at a (mostly) happy ending.

I enjoyed the historical setting and context for this book. There were so many different touches that helped the reader feel a part of the time period. From the characters' excitement over finding an original Audubon book in the library and poring over its pages to the descriptions of the Boston subway construction, it is obvious this book has been well-researched. Romulus and Stella are both larger than life characters. They are strong-willed, determined, and leaders in their fields. As a result, they often find themselves clashing. In spite of this, there's definite chemistry between the two. Romance is not the central theme in the novel. Stella's investigation into her sister's death and the web of deceit she discovers is quite jarring at times. Her sister died a violent death and this is described in some detail in the book. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys historical fiction.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for this review; all opinions are my own.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Schoola Promo - 50% Off and Free Shipping!

Schoola is one of my favorite sources for online secondhand clothing, so I had to share this great promo from them! Beginning June 20 and running through June 26, take 50% off any Schoola order, plus get free shipping with code EXPLORE. This promo is not valid on new with tags items.

Some of my favorite wardrobe staples are from Schoola including my polka dot chambray, navy gingham button up, khaki Pixie pants, brown utility jacket, and a herringbone vest. Even better, if you place an order through my referral link, for a limited time, we both get $20 off. Have you ever shopped at Schoola before? Any favorite pieces?

*The link above is my referral link, but all the items I've purchased through Schoola have been with my own money and/or affiliate credit.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Closet Remix: 10 Pieces, 14 Outfits - The Pieces

If you follow me on Instagram, I tried to start my summer closet remix a couple days early. The outfits were fine, but the pieces weren't working in my brain as a capsule. This morning, when I woke up, I hopped on Polyvore because I've been waiting to see if bluehydrangea had added a new capsule wardrobe for summer - I love the capsules she creates. I wasn't disappointed because she did create a summer capsule a few days ago! With this new inspiration, I was able to put together a 10 piece capsule that feels more cohesive, versatile, and summer appropriate than the direction I was originally going.

Here are my pieces:

  1. Coral Tee - Mossimo (Target)
  2. Striped Skirt - Ann Taylor (Goodwill)
  3. Peach Polka Dot Crop Pants - Gap (Plato's Closet)
  4. Gray Pixie Pants - Old Navy (Goodwill)
  5. Polka Dot Chambray Button Up - Old Navy (Schoola)
  6. Floral Blouse - Liz Claiborne (JCPenney)
  7. Boyfriend Jeans - Old Navy (Goodwill)
  8. Gray Tee - Mossimo (Target)
  9. Green Sleeveless Shell - Merona (Goodwill)
  10. Khaki Pixie Pants - Old Navy (Schoola)
I'll be making 14 outfits out of these pieces. You can check out my outfits on Instagram. I'd love to have you participate with a closet remix of your own - you can use the hashtag #summer10x14remix. Leave me a comment if you're participating in the remix so I can check out your pieces and outfits! Have a wonderful weekend!


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