Fall Capsule: The Pieces

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Over the weekend, I did some blog hopping/reading, and came across several posts about others putting together capsule wardrobes. Anne at In Residence is having a link up of several other bloggers that are creating and wearing capsule wardrobes. I've been wearing my capsule pieces since Sept. 1, so I thought I would put together a post about my pieces and showing a few outfits I've been wearing.

  1. Coral Tee
  2. Light Chambray
  3. Black Ruffle Top
  4. Gray Tee
  5. Gray Striped Tee
  6. Sleeveless Tie Snakeskin Blouse
  7. Navy and White Striped French Terry 3/4 Sleeve Top
  8. Brown and Black LOFT Tank
  9. Blue Snakeskin Print Tunic Blouse
  10. Plaid Button Down
  11. Animal Print Shell
  12. Polka Dot Button Down Shirt
  1. Black Jeans
  2. Gray Houndstooth Print Pants
  3. Blue Skinny Jeans
  4. Boyfriend Jeans
  5. Tan Dress Pants
  6. Olive Jeans
  7. Teal Green Skinny Jeans
  8. Maroon Khakis
  9. Black Skirt
  10. Abstract Animal Print Maxi Skirt
  11. Straight Leg Jeans
  1. Black and White Striped Dress
  2. Gray Maxi Dress
  3. Black Short Sleeve Dress
Completer Pieces:
  1. Rust Colored Cardigan
  2. Denim Jacket
  3. Cobalt Blazer
  4. Short Sleeve Teal Cardigan
  5. Black Cardigan
  6. Mustard Cardigan
  7. Dark Teal Boyfriend Cardigan
  8. Brown Striped Cardigan
Right now, this puts me at 34 pieces. I'm not including shoes or accessories in my number. I also plan to add a few items here and there, but not to exceed 40 total. I may swap a couple of the sleeveless tops for long sleeve tops or sweaters once the weather gets even cooler. I am not sure how long I plan to wear this capsule, so we will see how it goes!

Here are a few recent looks wearing the pieces.

I'm not taking daily pictures, but hope to keep updating about how this project is going!
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Favorite Things This Week: Vol. 3

Monday, September 15, 2014

I've been enjoying this weekly favorites post. It's been good for me - I get a chance to focus throughout the week on the positives that come my way. So here we go with three of my favorites from this week!

1. Seems like a lot of my favorites lately deal with flowers. :) I do love flowers, so this makes sense. This week, my daughter started her dance classes. On Monday, she tumbles at one location and then has jazz at another location. As we were driving to the second class, we found this awesome free cutting garden! It was so fun, I took my mom back there the following day. It was still fun, but the sand sucked my foot and sandal down into the mud! It wasn't even wet. She got a bunch of sunflowers, so was very happy. :)

2. I have been working on some new ideas for my library programs. This week, I made some fun smelling bottles for a five senses science program I have coming up. My daughter tested them out for me and said they were pretty neat. :) I also made a couple of finger puppet gloves from this idea here at Storytime Katie.

3. I found this gorgeous new piece of Pyrex at Goodwill on Friday! I was thrilled it had the lid - lots of times the casserole dishes are missing lids - but I couldn't tell what kind of lid it had until I bought it and took it to the car. Love this gorgeous daisy! If the Daisy Pyrex wasn't enough, a sweet lady from church knew I have been looking for pink (!) Pyrex. She saved me two pieces of Pink Gooseberry that had been donated to our church rummage sale! They cleaned up beautifully and look right at home in my collection.

So those are my favorites from this week! How about you? I'm linking up to MomAdvice.

What I Wore: Late Summer and Early Fall Capsule

Friday, September 5, 2014

I've been so inspired by capsule wardrobes lately, I decided to put together one for late summer and early fall. I haven't actually picked all my pieces, but I am aiming for 20-30 total pieces (not including shoes and accessories), and hoping to wear them for the next month to 6 weeks. So far, I have worn 12 different pieces. I have a pretty good idea about others that I want to include, but I am trying to be flexible.

This week was by far the hottest of the entire summer. It has started out cooler in the mornings, so I've needed jackets and cardigans for the morning and in the air conditioning at work. I got a lot of wear out of a few sleeveless tops and my skirts and dresses this week. Here are a few looks from this past week.

Black Ruffle Sleeveless Top + Black Tiered Skirt + Bronze Flat Sandals

Gray and White Striped Tee + Dark Khaki Pants + Rust Cardigan + Leopard Flats

Striped Dress + Cobalt Blazer + Black Flats

Striped Dress + Bronze Flat Sandals

Snakeskin Print Blouse + Boyfriend Jeans + Short Sleeve Cardigan + Metallic Sandals

I also wore my gray maxi dress with a denim jacket and infinity scarf, but didn't get a picture of that one.

So how is your weather? Blazing hot or starting to cool down?

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Favorite Things This Week: Vol. 2

Another week finished! It was a short one - I could definitely get used to 4-day work/school weeks!

Here are my favorites from this week!


1. Field of Sunflowers - We visited this field on Labor Day and it was just gorgeous! So pretty! We all took turns taking photos.

2. This Feather Printable - I also love the story behind it, so take some time to read through some of the previous posts.

3. Porch Decor - I didn't get any photos yet, but I spent $50 today on a few new items for our porch and put up some fall decor. Our Lowe's had some great deals on plant stands, mums, and more, so I really got some good deals. It's been awhile since I've done something like this, so it was fun.

What are your favorites from this week?

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Favorite Things This Week: Vol. 1

Monday, September 1, 2014

I've been playing around with a weekly link round up type post for the last month or two. When I came across It's the 3 Little Things at MomAdvice, I thought I might try to link up with a few of my favorites each week!

This was our first week back to school. I love school supplies and all of that good stuff, but I really have a hard time adjusting to the school routine. Plus, I really miss my daughter when she goes back! I am trying to work on my morning routine to make it be more peaceful for all of us, and let's just say this week was definitely an experiment. We did have a fun family night on Wednesday consisting of a backyard obstacle course, ice cream cones, and a bike ride on a new bike trail in our area. Here's hoping that each week gets a little easier.

OK. On to my favorites from this week.

1. Jamberry Nails - I started looking into these to help my daughter with her nail biting. I gave up on polishing my own nails years ago. Too much dry time, they chip too quickly, etc. Salon manicures have never appealed to me, either, primarily due to cost. We both got Jamberry samples and when I tried them out, I was so excited for myself! Here's a look at my first manicure with some Jamberry wraps. I've been wearing them 5 days now, and they still look great. They are supposed to last up to 2 weeks on nails and even longer on toes. Anyone try these? I am so looking forward to trying some other patterns! I need to figure out how to get them to work a bit better for my daughter. I guess with the little ones it is important to prep the nails really well to get a good seal. Have any of you tried these for yourself?

2. Capsule Wardobes - Not the first time you've heard me talk about these, for sure. :) I love Mom Advice's new capsule that she put together and am so inspired by all the potential combinations there! I've been working on a new capsule for myself. I got so many great new pieces in August and I want to focus on wearing some of these great new items! Having a list of potential outfits is really helpful to me in the mornings, too. So I am looking at 25-35 pieces (not including shoes or accessories) and I am going to wear the pieces for awhile - not sure how long yet. It probably won't be 3 months which is kind of how the seasonal capsules work. I am thinking more like 4-6 weeks, but we will see how it goes. I doubt I will get daily photos, but I am hoping to add some weekly photos to share. Have you ever considered putting together capsule wardrobe?
3. Zinnias and Sunflowers - I love being able to cut flowers to bring into the house. I always plant zinnia seeds and look forward to being able to cut them for bouquets. This is my first one of the summer/fall!
What are your favorite things from this past week?

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