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Summer Giveaway!

I've been making some fun items with this pretty, summery fabric...and I have a charm pack to give away to one of you! Leave me a comment about how you are staying cool this summer and you'll be entered to win. :) I liked how this mug rug turned out so well that I decided to keep it for myself instead of selling it.

Thrifting Part 2: Where to Shop, Cost, and Patience

Here's my daughter "modeling" a garage sale Carter's t-shirt that is one of her favorites...or it was until she got popsicle on it last Friday. ;)

It's been longer than a week, but I've been thinking this post over since I wrote the first installment of this thrifting series. For part 2, I want to cover where I shop, how much I typically spend on items, and being patient while thrifting.

My main source of thrift store shopping is Goodwill. We do have some smaller resale and consignment shops around here that are pretty good, but the consignment stores are quite a bit more expensive than Goodwill. We used to have a Salvation Army thrift store, but I believe that closed a few years ago. I have gotten the bulk of my thrifted wardrobe items from 3 different Goodwill stores within 20 minutes of my home. I definitely have a "favorite" Goodwill that is about 10 minutes from my house - it is smaller, but they get really nice items and it is a manageable sto…

Thrifting: How I Got Started

My daughter took this photo...and made me pose with the flowers.

Grey cropped capris: Old Navy (Thrifted)
Tie neck blouse: Jonathan Martin (Thrifted)
Flip flops, necklace, earrings: Avon
Beaded bracelet: Target

I am so excited to get this thrifting series started! I am hoping to post about once a week on a topic relating to my experiences with thrifting and some of the tips and tricks I've developed as I have gotten more interested in it.

Here is a series overview:
How I Got Started Clearing Out the Wardrobe and Discovering My StyleDeciding Where to Thrift and Being PatientShopping With a List...or NotShopping for TrendsSpecial SalesReselling Thrifted Finds I may add some more topics if I think of things I'd like to include or if any of you have specific questions!

Here is my thrifting story. We have always gone shopping at garage sales, but not typically for clothes, except for my daughter. I also have always enjoyed clothes and shopping, with the exception of a few years aft…

It's June!

So May is over and June is here! It has been a busy month around here with lots of ups and downs, but I am grateful for the lovely flowers and that summer is around the corner.

We have plans for the blog and the shop coming up - I'm working on some new infinity scarves for the shop and am hoping to put up a series of posts about thrifting. I've been thrifting for many of my clothes over the last year and am amazed at all the good things I have been finding. I'd like to share some thrifting tips and tricks that have helped me and also get some of your ideas.

We also will have a June giveaway, a Yard Sale Saturday post coming up tonight or tomorrow, book reviews, and more! What are your summer plans? I would love to hear about them!