March Goals

I've been reading about and writing goals for awhile now. I always, always have many more ideas that I don't write down - and some of them do still get done. I try to keep my goals simple, basic, and attainable, otherwise I lose focus. Right now, we're going through a challenging season in life as my dad is going through radiation on his throat for thyroid cancer. He had a second surgery for the cancer in January (his first was last January) and this time he had to have a tumor removed from the trachea and his trachea reconstructed. Now he is starting on radiation (5 treatments down, 28 to go!). So my goals are focused on simplifying and streamlining and minimizing stress right now. I also don't usually include work goals (I'm a youth services librarian.), but there's lots going on there as we go through a remodeling project, new leadership, and planning for summer reading.

Here are my March goals:
  • Exercise 26 times
  • Run 6 times
  • Read 60 chapters of the New Testament 
  • Make 1 item to sell in the Etsy shop
  • Sew 2 apparel items
  • Read 5 books
  • Bake something
  • Family and couple time
  • Taxes
  • Read aloud 1book to Annaliese (I'm thinking The Cricket in Times Square.)
  • Research and buy a new computer
Most of these goals are fairly automatic for me, especially the exercise and reading. I really want to try making myself some clothing that I can add to my current wardrobe and really wear. There is an online event called Me May Made and I'd love to have enough handmade clothing items to be able to participate this year. Our Joann Fabric store is moving to a new location and they sold off a ton of fabric for 90% off. I got some great apparel fabrics for very little money, so I am looking forward to using this fabric to create some wearable garments!

Do you have any goals for March? Anything you're looking forward to? I'm linking up to Goals with Grace at The Tiny Twig.