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Book Review: Reading People

Today, I'm thrilled to share a review of the book Reading People by Anne Bogel. I've read Anne's blog Modern Mrs. Darcy for years. She shares lots of posts about books - perfect for a librarian like me - as well as articles about fashion/style, bullet journals (she got me started on mine with her posts!), organization, and pretty (and practical) things for the home. Combined with some lovely photos, hers is a blog I always look forward to reading. Her posts about highly sensitive people were revolutionary for me, as I had never heard the term before and realized I was one, and my daughter was too! This knowledge explained a lot about different things that had overwhelmed me during my life and also helped me to understand my daughter's personality better.

Reading People includes a chapter on highly sensitive people, as well as several other personality frameworks including Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, the Five Love Languages, and more. Some of these I've heard of and ex…

Book Review: Praying for Girls

Praying for Girls byTeri Lynne Underwood is a comprehensive guidebook of prayers and activities for girls of all ages. The book is divided into five parts with around four chapters in each part. Part 1 is Prayers for Her Identity; Part 2 is Prayers for Her Heart; Part 3 is Prayers for Her Mind; Part 4 is Prayers for Her Relationships; and Part 5 is Prayers for Her Purpose. Each chapter includes real life anecdotes from the author’s experiences with her daughter and other girls in their lives. Scriptures, sample prayers, and activities to reinforce the concepts for younger, middle, and older girls are included in each chapter.

This book is really a resource for anyone that wants to invest in girls in their lives by praying for them. It’s not the type of book you read from cover to cover, but it’s best used as a reference. It would be a great book to work through weekly or monthly, focusing one topic for prayer at a time. Another way to use it would be to use it as our girls face vario…