March Clothing Budget

Time for another budget roundup! At the end of February, I won a $50 gift card from Ma Nouvelle Mode and Still Being Molly for participating in their 7x7 Remix. So this month, I had $100 total to spend on clothes. I also had quite a few promo gift cards from Kohl's and Old Navy that I used toward some different purchases. Here's what I bought this month!

March Budget

  • Orange bib necklace (seen here) - Free by using $5 GC
  • Purple and gold bracelet - $0.21 after $5 GC
  • Cropped Sonoma khakis and Gold LC earrings - $10.03
  • Undergarments - $9.70
  • Black Liz Claiborne coat - $22.41
  • Black sunglasses and tan cardigan - $12.76
Old Navy
  • Tank tops - Purchased with ON rewards cash
  • Leopard print Aerosoles sandals (seen here) - $4.58
  • Purple print Merona dress (worn here) - $2.83
  • Anchor print cropped Old Navy pants (seen here) - $4.58
  • Olive Christopher and Banks vest (seen here) - $4.58
The Root Collective
  • Navy, gray, and cream woven scarf (worn here) - $15.60
I Am Just One 
 Total spent: $99.33

Let's see...the khakis, black sunglasses, and tan cardigan were all replacement pieces for things that had worn out. I finally got some new tanks and underwear. For whatever reason, I don't like to spend money of these things, but I really needed them. I have gotten far too much wear out of the black winter coat already. I love it and it's still been pretty cold here in Ohio, so I've needed it. Thrifting has also continued to be good to me. :) I was excited to find the print pants, olive vest, sandals, and purple dress.

I think I am most pleased that I did a lot of research on ethical companies and those that give back or partner with small businesses in economically disadvantaged areas and I finally made some purchases from these companies! I am excited to know more about the stories behind these pieces and have a list of other places I'd like to purchase from in the future. The Root Collective scarf I bought is absolutely beautiful and I also bought a second one to give as a gift. Plus, their shoes are just lovely and so stylish! The bracelet from I Am Just One was created by women in Kenya and I love knowing where it was made. I also became a style ambassador for Elegantees (use code CARLY for free shipping on any order) and am planning some of my future months' purchases from there. The shirts, skirts, and dresses from Elegantees are sewn by victims of human trafficking. (Just to clarify, I'm spending my own money at these places.) Check out my Purchase with Purpose Pinterest board for some of my ideas.

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