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February Clothing Budget

Here we are almost at the end of February! It's time for my monthly clothing budget post. I have to say, I think February had better deals than January. I purchased quite a few pieces, but I also checked off several items from my wishlist and replaced a couple of Christmas returns as well.

February Clothing Budget by gracenote30 featuring sheer scarves
Here's the roundup!

This month, my items fell into three categories: regular purchases, Christmas replacements and gift card purchases, and workout clothes.

Regular purchases:
Purple Print Liz Claiborne Blouse from Penney's: $3.19
Black Merona Blazer: $11.26
Black and White Print Avon Scarf: $8.00
Black and Gold Avon Earrings: $2.28
Apt. 9 Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (Goodwill): $2.84
Lilac Liz Claiborne Button Down Blouse from Penney's: $3.19
Tan Merona Doubleweave Skirt: $7.38

Total: $38.14

Christmas replacements and gift card purchases:
Gray Liz Claiborne Cardigan from Penney's (Christmas replacement)
Denim Jacket f…

Book Review: Where Courage Calls

I have fond memories of reading many different Janette Oke books over the years, so I was excited when I got an opportunity to read Where Courage Calls by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan. This book is a companion to the When Calls the Heart book series and the inspiration for the Hallmark movie. It's been years since I've read the original books and have never seen the movie, so I don't remember a lot of the original details. That being said, I think Where Courage Calls can easily be read as a standalone novel.

Beth Thatcher comes from a privileged background and a wealthy family. In spite of this, she responds to the call to teach in a coal mining town in western Canada. Her commitment is for one year, but when she sees how rural the community actually is, she questions her ability to complete her year. Beth quickly falls in love with the town and the people and resolves to do everything she can to make a difference in this small town and its children.

The characters in …

Book Review: The Dancing Master

I have a few books to review in the next couple of weeks, and first up is The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen. I was excited to read another of Julie Klassen's books. I read The Tutor's Daughter and The Girl in the Gatehouse by this author previously, and really enjoyed them.

In The Dancing Master, Alec Valcourt is a fencing and dancing master. He and his family are forced to relocate to a new town where they move in with family and are hoping to start over again. He is unaware that dancing is not allowed in their new town, outlawed by Lady Amelia Midwinter, but still tries to begin to get students in the hope of being able to support his family. Alec starts an unlikely friendship with Lady Amelia's daughter, Julia, who actually wants to learn to dance! The pair must navigate situations filled with mystery, intrigue, danger, and suspense, as they work to become the people they are meant to be.

I really enjoyed this book. This style of historical fiction set in England is p…

What I Wore: Favorite Staples

Jeans: Apt. 9 (Goodwill), Shirt: Merona, Scarf: JCPenney, Cardigan: Sonoma, Boots: KMart

Caitlin at Greater Than Rubies is hosting a Remix Rewear Restyle this week focusing on favorite staples - pieces that have stood the test of time and are still things I reach for to wear often. At first I was upset because I can only think of a few things in my closet that are at least 5 years old and still being worn. Then I remembered that my daughter is 6 and I've only been the size I am right now for around 3 years. :)

I do have a couple of pieces that are around 5 years old that have held up and that I still like wearing. I also have pieces that I've had to replace due to wear or size changes, but that I still would say are favorites of mine. I agree with Caitlin's assessment, too, and I hope that if I were to do this again in a few years, I would have more favorites still around. So here we go!

1. Light blue striped oxford - This is from Penney's, and I have had it for a long…

What I Wore: 20x30 Reflections

I finished up my 20x30 challenge at the end of January, and I've been intending to write a reflection post for a few days. I did stick with the challenge for the entire month of January. You will have to take my word for it because I only ended up getting a few more outfit photos for the last 10 days - 2 weeks of the challenge. :) I did swap out the skirt for a chunky plum colored cardigan I bought at Maurices around the middle of the month. It was so cold that I hadn't worn the skirt at all and decided the cardigan was a lot more practical for the remainder of January.

Here are the new outfits I put together that I did photograph.

Striped Sweater + Gingham Button Down + Skinny Jeans + Black Boots + Statement Necklace

Plaid Shirt + Blue and Black Cardigan + Black Skinnies + Black Boots + Statement Necklace

Black Dress + Striped Turtleneck + Vest + Scarf + Boots

In spite of not photographing all my outfits I stuck with it and I definitely learned a lot from this challenge.

20 pi…

January 2014 Clothing Budget Recap

In spite of the craziness that was January, I did manage to do some shopping. I exchanged one Christmas item and purchased 6 other items. I mentioned at the end of last year that I'd like to cut the overall number of items I purchase (including accessories) in half this year, which translates to approximately 4-5 items a month. This monthly total doesn't count if I am replacing items and other "essentials" like running clothes, cold weather gear, socks, etc. I also want to focus on finding pieces that are on my "wishlist" and fill gaps in my wardrobe.

Here's what I purchased in January.

January 2014 Purchases by gracenote30 featuring C9 by Champion 1. Plaid Shirt - Target, Christmas Exchange 2. Black Engineer Boots - Sears, $7.52 after Christmas Money 3. Plum Cardigan and Floral Infinity Scarf - Maurices, $10.94 4. Running Hat - Target, $4.80 5. Statement Necklace - Avon, $13.45 6. Black Floral Scarf - JCPenney (not pictured), $8.03 Total spent: $44.74 I stayed …