February Clothing Budget

Here we are almost at the end of February! It's time for my monthly clothing budget post. I have to say, I think February had better deals than January. I purchased quite a few pieces, but I also checked off several items from my wishlist and replaced a couple of Christmas returns as well.

February Clothing Budget

Here's the roundup!

This month, my items fell into three categories: regular purchases, Christmas replacements and gift card purchases, and workout clothes.

Regular purchases:
Purple Print Liz Claiborne Blouse from Penney's: $3.19
Black Merona Blazer: $11.26
Black and White Print Avon Scarf: $8.00
Black and Gold Avon Earrings: $2.28
Apt. 9 Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (Goodwill): $2.84
Lilac Liz Claiborne Button Down Blouse from Penney's: $3.19
Tan Merona Doubleweave Skirt: $7.38

Total: $38.14

Christmas replacements and gift card purchases:
Gray Liz Claiborne Cardigan from Penney's (Christmas replacement)
Denim Jacket from Macy's (Gift card won via the Go Chic or Go Home Facebook page)

Workout Clothes:
Running Leggings, Running Capris, 1/2 Zip Pullover, Long Sleeve Tunic: $12.74 for all four pieces

Obviously, I bought quite a few things, but I really like what I got and the deals were pretty awesome. I haven't bought from Penney's in a long time and stumbled upon a great $2.97 clearance sale. I was in need of running clothes, so picked up all four pieces from Penney's, plus got a couple of blouses and a gray cardigan at the same price point. All of these were on my wishlist. I also got a tan skirt, black blazer, and denim jacket, which will be great staple pieces, too.

I'm linking up to Budgeting Bloggers at Franish.


Valerie P said…
Penney's is the bomb- those prices are crazy low! Was the workout gear from there too? It's super cute!
I really need to become a better bargain hunter. I feel like I find great deals online, but then I read the link-up and find out you girls are AWESOME and thrifting and combing the racks, while I sit behind the keys and pay too much!
Sammi Rambles said…
The purple print blouse you picked up is really pretty :)
Anna Belle said…
Wow! you got some amazing deals this month! I will have to check out Penney's - it's been a while since I have been there and they seem to have some great options!
Um, $2.97!? That's crazy awesome! I definitely would have bought anything in my size for that ha! You got some great deals this month!