What I Wore: Favorite Staples

Jeans: Apt. 9 (Goodwill), Shirt: Merona, Scarf: JCPenney, Cardigan: Sonoma, Boots: KMart

Caitlin at Greater Than Rubies is hosting a Remix Rewear Restyle this week focusing on favorite staples - pieces that have stood the test of time and are still things I reach for to wear often. At first I was upset because I can only think of a few things in my closet that are at least 5 years old and still being worn. Then I remembered that my daughter is 6 and I've only been the size I am right now for around 3 years. :)

I do have a couple of pieces that are around 5 years old that have held up and that I still like wearing. I also have pieces that I've had to replace due to wear or size changes, but that I still would say are favorites of mine. I agree with Caitlin's assessment, too, and I hope that if I were to do this again in a few years, I would have more favorites still around. So here we go!

1. Light blue striped oxford - This is from Penney's, and I have had it for a long time. It is similar to a chambray shirt (which I also have) but a little dressier.

2. Black and tan short sleeve shell - I bought this Mossimo top from Target several years ago. The fabric is great because it doesn't wrinkle and require ironing and can be layered and mixed and matched easily. It also helped me to identify that I am really comfortable in this higher necked style of blouse, so I've picked up a few others to incorporate into my wardrobe as well.

3. Jade green puffy vest - This is from WalMart and I don't shop there anymore, but it has held up so well. It's gotten even more wear over the last few fall/winter seasons because it layers so well.

4. Black dress pants - I still prefer dressier pants for work. My black pair are Dockers from Kohl's.

5. Khakis - My khakis are from Lands' End and I still love them. Not sure if they are still in style, but I like wearing them, especially spring-fall.

6. Black dress - I always have at least one black dress in my wardrobe. My current one is a short-sleeve jersey version from Target.

7. Gold hoop earrings - I had a nice pair of 1" hoops that I wore for years. They were a gift from my grandmother. Unfortunately, I lost one, so I currently have a costume pair from Avon I am wearing. I want to save up for another gold pair.

Newer favorites:

8. Dark blue pencil skirt - I got this Merona skirt from Goodwill and it is so comfortable. Easy care fabric, 4-season, matches everything.

9. Skinny jeans - Both my blue, black, and green skinnies have been in heavy rotation this winter. I never thought I could wear this style, but they are surprisingly versatile.

10. Black and white striped top - I have had this top for around a year and half and it gets a lot of wear. It's held up well, so for $12.99, it was a good investment per wear.

11. Brown riding boots - In the 2 years since I've had these, they have become my most worn fall and winter shoe choice. They cost $20, so they've held up really well for that price. I'm hunting for a replacement pair now in case these don't make it until next fall.

12. Neutral cardigans - I just replaced my gray cardigan today and it gets worn often. This one lasted around a year and a half, and still has a little life left in it.

Favorite Staples

I hope I didn't pick too many pieces! As I was writing this, I realized these choices make a nice foundation for a little capsule wardrobe. I put together a set on Polyvore reflecting some of these choices.

What are your favorite clothing staples?

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Becky G said…
Riding boots are my go-to. I had a pair from payless that I wore out, and I just got a new, real leather, Steve Madden pair. I think I will wear them thin. I love them so much and wear them 3-4x a week in the fall/winter.

I don't have a ton in my closet that's been around for many years either, but I feel like I find clothes at such good prices via sales and thrifting that I can keep up with the styles and not break the bank.