January 2014 Clothing Budget Recap

In spite of the craziness that was January, I did manage to do some shopping. I exchanged one Christmas item and purchased 6 other items. I mentioned at the end of last year that I'd like to cut the overall number of items I purchase (including accessories) in half this year, which translates to approximately 4-5 items a month. This monthly total doesn't count if I am replacing items and other "essentials" like running clothes, cold weather gear, socks, etc. I also want to focus on finding pieces that are on my "wishlist" and fill gaps in my wardrobe.

Here's what I purchased in January.

January 2014 Purchases

1. Plaid Shirt - Target, Christmas Exchange
2. Black Engineer Boots - Sears, $7.52 after Christmas Money
3. Plum Cardigan and Floral Infinity Scarf - Maurices, $10.94
4. Running Hat - Target, $4.80
6. Black Floral Scarf - JCPenney (not pictured), $8.03
Total spent: $44.74
I stayed under budget and was right around the number of items I wanted to purchase. I wore the boots all month - so much cold and snow here - and I've worn the scarves, cardigan, and plaid shirt several times. I just got the necklace on Wednesday and am wearing it today for the first time. It is very pretty and I think the neutral colors will be versatile. The hat is also a good addition to my running wardrobe and it has a place for my ponytail. :)
I have been looking for a well-made, classic, versatile bag that isn't too expensive. If you have any brand or suggestions, let me know. I can save up if necessary, too. :)
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