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Checking In

I haven't posted for quite a while again but I've been thinking about posting! :) My dad's surgery was Friday and he is still in the hospital, but should be coming home soon. His doctor said it was a challenging surgery and he was able to get around 95% of the cancer, so dad will definitely need radiation. We'll know more once we get the pathology results. We've been spending time at the hospital and my daughter is on snow day #7 or 8 since Jan. 6...I've lost count! :)

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the blog and how much and what I'd like to blog about. The answer is, I'm not sure! :) For the time being, I think I will post when I get the time, but it will definitely be less often than in the past. Getting life-changing news like this has made me question and re-evaluate lots of things in my life. And I'm still not sure what it all means, yet. I do enjoy blogging though, so I don't think I'm ready to completely give it up.

I am …

What I Wore: 20x30 Remix Outfits 8-17

It's been a week and a half since I last posted - and a challenging week and a half at best. I've been debating whether to continue with this challenge and have struggled to get photographs many of the days. Last week, we all got bronchitis and had fevers, aches, and coughs for several days. Then in the midst of that, my dad was going through tests to figure out why his vocal cord is paralyzed. This Monday, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We are so grateful it is such a treatable cancer, but this month and year have definitely been tough.

During all this, with the exception of one day while I was sick, I've still been getting dressed using my 20 pieces. In some ways, it's been a relief. I haven't been able to concentrate or focus too well on things, so it's been nice to have a set of pieces that go together and are easy to wear. It has definitely simplified the decision-making process for me, which has been good. I've definitely been learning that I n…

What I Wore: 20x30 Remix Outfits 1-7

I have my first 7 outfits to share using my 20x30 remix pieces. When I went to wear the plaid shirt I chose for the remix, I noticed it had a weird fabric flaw/snag in it, so we took it back to the store (brand new for Christmas). I tried to replace it, but couldn't find anything similar, so I am working with 19 pieces right now. If I can find something to replace the shirt, I will do so and add it into the remix.

These outfits are quite casual. It's been bitter cold, snowy, and icy many of the days. My work closed for several days and my daughter is home for her third snow day and still hasn't gone back to school after Winter Break. A couple of these outfits never even made it out of the house. I just put on shoes for the photos. :) Needless to say, I haven't worn the skirt or dress at all, but it is supposed to warm up into the 40's this weekend, so I'm hoping they will get some use soon!

On to the outfits...

Day 1: Turquoise sweater, skinny jeans, boots, sc…

Setting Goals

We're almost a week into the new year and I'm still mulling over how and whether to set goals for this year. I think goals are wonderful and I am very goal-oriented anyway. The problem is...I think I become too focused on goals and have trouble limiting my goals. That makes them overwhelming for me.

I definitely want to keep reading lots of books, including non-fiction.

I know I want to keep exercising as long as I am able. I usually try for 5 days a week. My total mileage (running, walking, mini-elliptical, etc) was over 800 miles for 2013.

I read the New Testament in 2011 and started the Old Testament in 2012. I was supposed to finish the Old Testament in 2012, but I am still working on it now. Three more books left - Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekial. I'm trying to clean up loose ends with this one, then hoping to move on to some more specific studies - any recommendations?

I want to work on praying for people more, especially my husband and daughter.

I'm trying to buy …

2013 Reading Roundup

I often share reviews of books that I've received here on the blog, but I read a lot of other books that I don't review here as well. I keep track of my books on GoodReads. One of my goals this year was to read at least 72 books this year, 10 nonfiction. I read more than 72 books this year, but only 6 were nonfiction. I designated the non-fiction titles with "NF" in parentheses and added a * for the books I rated with 5 stars on GoodReads.

Words Spoken True by Ann GabhartBeyond Hope's Valley by Tricia GoyerLiving in Harmony by Mary EllisBeside Still Waters by Tricia GoyerSon by Lois LowryFrom Dust and Ashes: a Story of Liberation by Tricia GoyerA Hopeful Heart by Kim Vogel SawyerWhere Love Grows by Jerry EicherFebruary
To Honor and Trust by Tracie PetersonWishing on Willows by Katie GanshertThe Search by Shelley Shepard GrayA Heart Made New by Kelly IrvinMarch
Accidentally Amish by Olivia NewportThe Bridge by Karen KingsburyKisses From Katie by Katie Davis (N…

Winter Remix: The Pieces

The Winter 20x30 Remix, hosted by Greater Than Rubies, is here. Here are the pieces I chose for the next month.

Winter Capsule Remix Pieces by gracenote30 on Polyvore

Tops: -American Eagle pink and white gingham button down (Goodwill) -Croft and Barrow purple plaid button down (Kohl's) -Merona black and gray striped turtleneck (Target) -Merona cobalt blue and black dot blouse (Target) -Croft and Barrown dark chambray button down (Kohl's) -Merona olive green long sleeve tee (Target) -Sonoma coral pullover sweater (Kohl's) -Sonoma turquoise sweater (Kohl's) -Sonoma raspberry cardigan (Kohl's) -Elder-Beerman blue and black cardigan (Gift) -Merona periwinkle sweater-trim sweatshirt (Target) -Christopher and Banks black and white striped sweater Bottoms: -Denizen black skinnies (Target)
-Dockers black dress pants (Kohl's)
-Elle skinny jeans (Garage Sale)
-Gap trouser jeans (Goodwill)
-Jennifer Lopez green skinnies (Kohl's)
-Merona dark blue skirt (Goodwill)

-Laura Scott chevron…