What I Wore: 20x30 Remix Outfits 8-17

It's been a week and a half since I last posted - and a challenging week and a half at best. I've been debating whether to continue with this challenge and have struggled to get photographs many of the days. Last week, we all got bronchitis and had fevers, aches, and coughs for several days. Then in the midst of that, my dad was going through tests to figure out why his vocal cord is paralyzed. This Monday, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We are so grateful it is such a treatable cancer, but this month and year have definitely been tough.

During all this, with the exception of one day while I was sick, I've still been getting dressed using my 20 pieces. In some ways, it's been a relief. I haven't been able to concentrate or focus too well on things, so it's been nice to have a set of pieces that go together and are easy to wear. It has definitely simplified the decision-making process for me, which has been good. I've definitely been learning that I need less clothing that I thought, even to make a wide variety of outfits. My husband has encouraged me to try and continue with the challenge (I think to have something different to focus on.) and even has reminded me to take a few outfit photos over the last 10 days.

Well, I am sure you were not expecting this from an outfit post, so here we go with some of the clothes!

Remix Outfits 8-13

Here are the looks I didn't get photographed while I was wearing them:
Outfit 8: Coral Sweater + Skinny Jeans - I also added my aqua bubble necklace. Inspired by this pin.
Outfit 9: Pink Gingham Shirt + Raspberry Cardigan + Trouser Jeans
Outfit 10: Black Dress + Raspberry Cardigan - I added a grey, pink, and orange striped scarf and my black engineer boots.
Outfit 11: Turquoise Sweater + Dark Chambray Button Down + Green Skinnies - I wore riding boots with this outfit.
Outfit 12: Black and White Striped Sweater + Black Skinnies - I actually had a long sleeve olive tee under this and added brown riding boots and this really pretty floral scarf that I picked up from Penney's. I have been looking for a floral print scarf on a black background for awhile, so I am excited about this one. You are likely to see it again this month.
Outfit 13: Hot Pink Plaid Button Down + Gray Vest + Skinny Jeans - I got this plaid shirt at Target to replace the original plaid shirt I had to return. I wore my black engineer boots again with this outfit.
Here are the looks I did manage to photograph while wearing them.

Outfit 14: Green Skinnies + Dark Chambray + Gray Vest

Outfit 15: Dark Chambray + Black Skinnies + Riding Boots + Scarf
I actually made this gold scarf!

Outfit 16: Black Dress Pants + Blue and Black Dot Shell + Blue and Black Cardigan

Outfit 17: Trouser Jeans + Coral Sweater + Dark Chambray
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Caitlin said…
Carly, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'll be praying for him, you, and your family. If there's anything I can do, please let me know.
Amy G said…
Sorry to hear about your rough week. :( I'll be praying.
Good for you on the homemade scarf! Looks good! I also really like the pink gingham with the raspberry cardigan.
Brooke said…
Praying for you and your family. I always enjoy reading your blog and outfit posts.
Carrie Carson said…
Carly -
Wow! That's a lot on your plate...but glad you're here. I'll be praying for your family.
Iris said…
I love your gold scarf! I had a friend from church make me a similar one. Great job! I'm glad you were able to continue to challenge despite all that's going on in your life. God is always faithful.
I'm sad to hear about your father, but I know that the Lord will be faithful to your family. I'll be praying for you and your family!