Checking In

I haven't posted for quite a while again but I've been thinking about posting! :) My dad's surgery was Friday and he is still in the hospital, but should be coming home soon. His doctor said it was a challenging surgery and he was able to get around 95% of the cancer, so dad will definitely need radiation. We'll know more once we get the pathology results. We've been spending time at the hospital and my daughter is on snow day #7 or 8 since Jan. 6...I've lost count! :)

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the blog and how much and what I'd like to blog about. The answer is, I'm not sure! :) For the time being, I think I will post when I get the time, but it will definitely be less often than in the past. Getting life-changing news like this has made me question and re-evaluate lots of things in my life. And I'm still not sure what it all means, yet. I do enjoy blogging though, so I don't think I'm ready to completely give it up.

I am still participating in the 20x30 Winter Remix challenge even though I only have a handful of new outfit photos. I've continued to wear to same 20 pieces all month, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I'm hoping to post a recap toward the end of the week with what I learned from the challenge.

I also have some book reviews to share and I've been doing a bit of thrifting, too.

I hope you are all staying warm! I definitely am looking forward to spring!!!


yes, i am in the same place with blogging. eh. i will blog whenever i get around to it. no pressure.

i have been thinking of you! will keep on praying for your dad, too.