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Nonfiction: Shopping and Saving!

Well, a lot of this week's shopping and savings pertains to Christmas shopping, so I can't post everything I got on the off chance that someone reading this might see a present I've gotten for them!
Here are a few of this week's deals: 20 Christmas Cards from Snapfish for $6.59 including shipping - We already received these and are really pleased!Bought (4) 8 packs of AA batteries from CVS for approximately $5 (rolled some ECBs) and earned $15 ECB for a future purchase.Returned some pants for my husband to Kohl's. Instead of losing the $10 in Kohl's cash I had spent on them, they refunded that also. Bought 3 Christmas presents for about $16 including 2 things we had decided on for my daughter. The toys at Kohl's were all on sale, plus an additional 20% off. I got this Leap Frog Fridge Farm for my daughter for $12.79 + tax. The best deal I've seen so far!Earned $7.97 on YouData which was deposited to my PayPal account.Got my first Big Fat Check from Ebate…

Christmas Open House at CJ's Craft Corner

Looking for Christmas presents? Take a look at CJ's Craft Corner! You'll find a variety of gifts ranging from aprons to tablerunners to placemats to tote bags to baby gifts. From November 22 - December 12, we are holding a "Christmas Open House" at the online shop. We'll have $1 flat rate shipping on each item purchased, plus additional specials over the next few weeks. Don't see anything you like? We have many items in additional fabric choices, especially tablerunners and placemats. E-mail me with what you're looking for, and I'll see what we have that meets your needs.

On a side note, my mom is the one who does all of the sewing and creating. I am her "technical support". My grandmother was the one who started sewing for a craft show in her home town which she participated in yearly. When she passed away last year, three days before Christmas, it was very unexpected. My mom decided early on in 2008 to continue the craft show in grandma'…

Nonfiction: Free 8x10 at Walgreens

I just got an e-mail about this freebie, too. Get your free 8x10 photo at Walgreens by Saturday, November 8! A great idea for a Christmas present!
Freebies 4 Mom: Free 8x10 at Walgreens

Giving Back: What Can You Do In Your Community?

One of my favorite blogs to read is The Motherload, a part of Amy Clark's MomAdvice web site. She recently wrote an eloquent post about her upcoming efforts to serve and help Faith Mission, a shelter in her hometown of Elkhart, IN. Elkhart has been profoundly impacted by our current economic situation and there are many there in great need. The following statement particularly resounded with me: "I have quietly been taking care of myself and my family...", which is what I feel I have been doing as well.So what can we do? We have many opportunities to serve and give, not just in this upcoming holiday season, but throughout the year. Consider participating in The MomAdvice Big Give. You can do this by donating through PayPal, or gathering donations to send to Faith Mission. There is a wishlist here of items that are needed.Think of ways that you can help in your community. For the second year in a row, our church will be collection items for FlatRock Home and Care …