Nonfiction: Shopping and Saving!

Well, a lot of this week's shopping and savings pertains to Christmas shopping, so I can't post everything I got on the off chance that someone reading this might see a present I've gotten for them!

Here are a few of this week's deals:

  • 20 Christmas Cards from Snapfish for $6.59 including shipping - We already received these and are really pleased!
  • Bought (4) 8 packs of AA batteries from CVS for approximately $5 (rolled some ECBs) and earned $15 ECB for a future purchase.
  • Returned some pants for my husband to Kohl's. Instead of losing the $10 in Kohl's cash I had spent on them, they refunded that also. Bought 3 Christmas presents for about $16 including 2 things we had decided on for my daughter. The toys at Kohl's were all on sale, plus an additional 20% off. I got this Leap Frog Fridge Farm for my daughter for $12.79 + tax. The best deal I've seen so far!
  • Earned $7.97 on YouData which was deposited to my PayPal account.
  • Got my first Big Fat Check from Ebates! If you're interested in saving money though Ebates, please use my referral code below. You'll earn an additional $10 in your account by signing up through this link and making a qualifying purchase by December 31, 2008. I'll earn an additional $10 as well! This is a great program and very simple to use. It is the perfect time of year to sign up with all of the upcoming Christmas shopping!


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