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March Clothing Budget

Time for another budget roundup! At the end of February, I won a $50 gift card from Ma Nouvelle Mode and Still Being Molly for participating in their 7x7 Remix. So this month, I had $100 total to spend on clothes. I also had quite a few promo gift cards from Kohl's and Old Navy that I used toward some different purchases. Here's what I bought this month!

March Budget by gracenote30 featuring a white trousers
Orange bib necklace (seen here) - Free by using $5 GCPurple and gold bracelet - $0.21 after $5 GCCropped Sonoma khakis and Gold LC earrings - $10.03 Undergarments - $9.70JCPenney
Black Liz Claiborne coat - $22.41Target
Black sunglasses and tan cardigan - $12.76Old Navy
Tank tops - Purchased with ON rewards cashGoodwill
Leopard print Aerosoles sandals (seen here) - $4.58Purple print Merona dress (worn here) - $2.83Anchor print cropped Old Navy pants (seen here) - $4.58Olive Christopher and Banks vest (seen here) - $4.58The Root Collective
Navy, gray, and cream woven scar…

Colored Pants for Spring

Colored Pants for Spring (Under $30)! by gracenote30 on Polyvore
I was so inspired by the post today from Alison at Get Your Pretty On that I did some online shopping for dressier colored pants for spring. since I can't wear jeans to work. I found all these options for under $30! I may order the jade green ones in the lower right hand corner. Which color is your favorite?

March Goals

I've been reading about and writing goals for awhile now. I always, always have many more ideas that I don't write down - and some of them do still get done. I try to keep my goals simple, basic, and attainable, otherwise I lose focus. Right now, we're going through a challenging season in life as my dad is going through radiation on his throat for thyroid cancer. He had a second surgery for the cancer in January (his first was last January) and this time he had to have a tumor removed from the trachea and his trachea reconstructed. Now he is starting on radiation (5 treatments down, 28 to go!). So my goals are focused on simplifying and streamlining and minimizing stress right now. I also don't usually include work goals (I'm a youth services librarian.), but there's lots going on there as we go through a remodeling project, new leadership, and planning for summer reading.

Here are my March goals:
Exercise 26 timesRun 6 timesRead 60 chapters of the New Testamen…

Book Review: Where Trust Lies

When I heard that the book Where Trust Lies by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan was being released, I was eager to get an opportunity to read and review it. The second book in the Return to the Canadian West series and a companion to the earlier release, Where Courage Calls, the book continues Beth Thatcher's story after she completes her year of teaching in the Canadian West. Beth returns home to her family with many stories to tell and lots to catch up on! She's awaiting the possibility of being asked to return and teach another year and also beginning a long distance courtship with Jarrick, the Canadian Mountie who she's grown to care for. Unexpectedly, she finds herself swept into a whirlwind family vacation aboard a steamship. As Beth and her family travel along the coast of Canada and the United States, she adjusts to new relationships with her mother and sisters and encounters a variety of new situations - all the while keeping her teaching and Jarrick close in her …