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Book Review: To Everything a Season

To Everything a Season by Lauraine Snelling is the first book in the Song of Blessing series. However, the setting and characters in the book are familiar to many of us that have read other Lauraine Snelling books. Set in Blessing, North Dakota, the novel continues to chronicle the lives of the Bjorklund family. In addition to extending the storylines of many characters, some new people are introduced to the town, including a nurse named Miriam.

Overall, I did like this book. It definitely wasn't my favorite book of Lauraine Snelling, for reasons I explain below. Lauraine Snelling's writing style is quite enjoyable. She does a nice job of creating well-developed, believeable characters. The reader is able to understand the emotions and decisions facing each character. The setting is also wonderful. I like how the book allows the reader to put him/herself into the time period in history being depicted.  I also like how the author weaves the characters' faith into the book.…

What I'm Into: October 2014

I've been enjoying reading others' monthly round-ups at the link up hosted at Leigh Kramer, so I thought I'd give it a try this month.

So somehow October is over and November is here! We had some beautiful fall weather in October and pretty foliage, too. It was a good month, but hard, too. My dad's thyroid cancer is active again, so now he is looking at consultations with new doctors out of town and serious concerns from his doctor here are making us struggle daily not to be fearful and anxious. So we would definitely appreciate your continued prayers for him and his doctors.

On to what I'm into this month!

The River by Beverly LewisWhen I Fall in Love by Susan May WarrenTo Everything a Season by Lauraine SnellingA Plain Man by Mary EllisA Plain Love Song by Kelly IrvinCaught in the Middle by Regina JenningsA Matter of Heart by Tracie PetersonThe Promise by Beth Wiseman My favorite book this month was A Matter of Heart. The most unique, interesting title I r…

Capsule Wardrobe Update: November

I'm still moving along with my capsule wardrobe! I am not strictly following the "rules" that I have seen set forth in various locations about capsule wardrobes. I didn't go shopping ahead of time, but pulled the pieces together from what I already own. Each month, I re-evaluate what I've been wearing a lot, what is working, and what isn't, then adding or subtracting pieces as needed. I have a core set of items that isn't changing too much, which is mostly composed of pants because I only have a few pieces that work for me. Most of the swapping occurs in the area of tops. This month, I am going to start adding some sweaters - it got cold here this weekend!

So here are my pieces for November:

Light ChambrayGray 3/4 Sleeve TeeBlack and Gray Striped Long Sleeve TeeBlack and White Striped TeeNavy and White Striped French Terry 3/4 Sleeve TopBlue Snakeskin Print Tunic BlouseGreen and White Gingham Button UpAnimal Print ShellPolka Dot Button Down ShirtPur…