Capsule Wardrobe Update: November

I'm still moving along with my capsule wardrobe! I am not strictly following the "rules" that I have seen set forth in various locations about capsule wardrobes. I didn't go shopping ahead of time, but pulled the pieces together from what I already own. Each month, I re-evaluate what I've been wearing a lot, what is working, and what isn't, then adding or subtracting pieces as needed. I have a core set of items that isn't changing too much, which is mostly composed of pants because I only have a few pieces that work for me. Most of the swapping occurs in the area of tops. This month, I am going to start adding some sweaters - it got cold here this weekend!

So here are my pieces for November:

  1. Light Chambray
  2. Gray 3/4 Sleeve Tee
  3. Black and Gray Striped Long Sleeve Tee
  4. Black and White Striped Tee
  5. Navy and White Striped French Terry 3/4 Sleeve Top
  6. Blue Snakeskin Print Tunic Blouse
  7. Green and White Gingham Button Up
  8. Animal Print Shell
  9. Polka Dot Button Down Shirt
  10. Purple Print Blouse
  11. Black Long Sleeve Tee
  12. Print High Low Chiffon Tunic Top
  13. Aqua Tie Neck Blouse
  14. Brown Sweater
Added: Striped Long Sleeve Tee, Gingham Button Up, Chiffon Top, Black and White Striped Tee, Aqua Tie Neck Blouse, Brown Sweater

Removed: Coral Tee, Light Blue Tee, Gray Striped Tee, 3 Plaid Shirts

I was not wearing the short-sleeve tees very much at all because it's gotten fairly cool. Also, I am in the market for a new plaid shirt in a more classic color combination. The ones I have don't match my other pieces very well.

  1. Black Jeans
  2. Gray Houndstooth Print Pants
  3. Blue Skinny Jeans
  4. Tan Dress Pants
  5. Olive Jeans
  6. Sage Khakis
  7. Black Dress Pants
  8. Maroon Khakis
  9. Straight Leg Jeans
  10. Dark Blue Pencil Skirt
  11. Olive Print Pencil Skirt
Added: Dark Blue and Olive Print Pencil Skirts

Removed: Black Skirt

The black skirt seemed really summery to me, so I haven't been wearing it. I switched a couple pencil skirts into rotation, and I need to make myself wear them. I can definitely see the value in picking up a couple more pairs of dress pants for work - definitely gray!

  1. Gray Maxi Dress
  2. Black Short Sleeve Dress
  3. Red Floral Print Dress
  4. Teal Short Sleeve Dress
Added: Teal Short Sleeve Dress

Removed: Black and White Striped Dress

I haven't been wearing dresses at all. I like all of them, but just feel more comfortable in pants. I'd really like to wear them more, so I will leave them in.

Completer Pieces:
  1. Rust Colored Cardigan
  2. Denim Jacket
  3. Cobalt Blazer
  4. Plum Cardigan
  5. Black Cardigan
  6. Dark Teal Boyfriend Cardigan
  7. Teal Puffy Vest
Added: Nothing yet

Removed: Brown Striped Cardigan, Mustard Cardigan

The mustard cardigan was actually in terrible shape, so I got rid of it. I really like the brown striped cardigan, but it didn't work well with most of the tops in this capsule, so it wasn't worn too often. I am going to be looking for a tan, camel, or mustard replacement cardigan and a neutral quilted vest, so those may be included during the month. I also may incorporate a few cardigans or sweaters that I already own especially if the weather gets cooler.

So for this month, I'm starting with 36 pieces. I removed 10 pieces and added
8 pieces. I have been wearing 20 of these pieces since September 1, so more than half of them! :)

I continue to post some of my looks on Instagram, if you'd like to follow me there.