Thrifting: How I Got Started

My daughter took this photo...and made me pose with the flowers.

Grey cropped capris: Old Navy (Thrifted)
Tie neck blouse: Jonathan Martin (Thrifted)
Flip flops, necklace, earrings: Avon
Beaded bracelet: Target

I am so excited to get this thrifting series started! I am hoping to post about once a week on a topic relating to my experiences with thrifting and some of the tips and tricks I've developed as I have gotten more interested in it.

Here is a series overview:
  • How I Got Started
  • Clearing Out the Wardrobe and Discovering My Style
  • Deciding Where to Thrift and Being Patient
  • Shopping With a List...or Not
  • Shopping for Trends
  • Special Sales
  • Reselling Thrifted Finds
I may add some more topics if I think of things I'd like to include or if any of you have specific questions!

Here is my thrifting story. We have always gone shopping at garage sales, but not typically for clothes, except for my daughter. I also have always enjoyed clothes and shopping, with the exception of a few years after my daughter was born. I am the type that never buys something full price. I go straight to the clearance rack and usually don't buy unless things are pretty deeply discounted. I had stopped in Goodwill a few times, but rarely, if ever, found anything, so I crossed it off my list of stores to visit.

Once I became interested in shopping again after having my daughter, I realized that most of the clothes in my closet really didn't fit my personality, style, job, or life anymore. So I decided to start looking for clothes...but I was not finding the same bargains I was used to. Prices seemed a lot higher and sales weren't as good. I had started reading some blogs like Balancing Beauty and Bedlam and her Frugal Fashionista series, Biblical Homemaking, and Five Days, Five Ways. These ladies were finding some awesome deals at thrift stores like I decided to give it one more try - and boy am I glad that I did!

I have been amazed at the beautiful, awesome clothing that I have found since thrifting. Pants, jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, dresses - sometimes barely worn or new with tags. Thrifting has allowed me to rebuild my wardrobe in a frugal way that fits into our budget, allows me to try out new trends, have access to better brands of clothing that hold up well, and even make money by reselling thrifted finds. I have been buying clothes secondhand for over a year now. I still shop the clearance racks and sales, but I think around 50-75% of my "new" wardrobe finds are from thrift stores.

So that is my thrifting story...what's yours? Do you buy your clothes at garage sales or Goodwill? What is your favorite thrift store or your favorite thrift store find? Leave me a comment!

I'll be back next week (if not sooner) with some ideas about deciding where to thrift and being patient while thrifting.

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I love your thrifting series! Since I have a definite lack of time...I mostly get my thrifty buys at Goodwill, but I have also gone to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop in Tiffin, Ohio, and I love the MCC Thrift Shops in both Kidron and Hartville, Ohio. I have found tote bags, casserole dishes, clothing for the grandkids, books, calendars, bookmarks, and lots more. You are inspiring me to expand my horizons and visit some of the other thrifty shopping options closer to home!
Missy Shay said…
I hardly ever buy something new, if I do it is on the clearance rack (usually Kohls which is sometimes cheaper than the thrift stores) I love thrift stores and goodwill, if it is too big, I alter it! I have also started sewing a lot of my clothes!