Thoughtful Shopping

I've posted a few times over the last year about how I've been trying to determine how to be more aware of where I shop and the conditions in the factories. One of the reasons I buy secondhand is in an effort to be a good steward of my finances as well as to think about the environmental aspect of my purchases. My recent purchase from Elegantees is a baby step toward trying to purchase from more ethical companies.

I've done some research over the last couple years, but have found trying to find ethical sources of clothing to be kind of difficult, especially on my budget. Over the last few weeks, I've read 3 wonderful posts that help to bring a bit of clarity to this topic, so I want to share them with you!

Shopping With Ethics :: A 5 Step Guide from The Tiny Twig

How to Shop Ethically from The Art of Simple

and also check out

The Art of Simple's Ethical Shopping Guide

Shop for a Cause This Season from Greater Than Rubies

For Christmas this year, we are looking at buying from local businesses, shopping handmade, and perhaps even buying some items from places that benefit others a bit more directly.

So far, I've picked up some handmade lip balms from Symbolic Imports on Etsy. They smell so amazing! There was a great special for the shop last week for Saturday Night Specials - check it out each week for new coupon codes and specials.

The whole process is still kind of overwhelming for me, but these guides are encouraging and give me a place to start. I'm excited that an easily accessible company like Hanes is on the Ethical Shopping Guide.

So tell me, is shopping ethically something on your radar? Any suggestions for places to shop?

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I too have just begun to start shopping more ethically. It's a pretty daunting process. Have you read "Overdressed" by Elizabeth Cline?
Sage Grayson said…
I definitely try to shop ethically. All my makeup including my lip balms and moisturizers are vegan. Every little bit helps.