October Clothing Budget

Here we are at the end of another month already! This month, I tried extra hard to be careful and thoughtful about my purchases. I'm pretty happy with what I ended up getting and I thrifted a couple of nice things, too!

October Budget and Purchases

Crystal Necklace: Avon - $7.00 (worn here)
Polka Dot Jeans: Target - $7.62 (worn every Friday since I bought them)
Aldo Purse: Goodwill - $3.52 (I am loving this bag! Used here)
Mustard Cardigan: Kohl's - $7.50 after Kohl's cash (worn here)
Finally found a mustard cardigan!! This sweater is much more mustard in person and less of the greenish-gold shade it's showing on the web site. See if you can find one in your store to see.
Ice Blue Tee: Elegantees - $10
I've done a lot of research in the last several months and have been trying to find different sources of clothing that are socially responsible. I've been looking at Elegantees for awhile and when they ran free shipping last week, I decided to buy a tee. The shipping was so fast - I received my shirt in 2 days - and the shirt is really pretty and soft. I love the color and think it will go with lots of things. I wore it this week with brown cords and a raspberry cardigan, but didn't get a picture.
Not pictured:
Black and White Button Down: Apt. 9/Goodwill - $2.31
Yellow and Taupe Ruffle Dot Blouse: LOFT/Goodwill - $2.48
Total: $40.43
In November, I really want to find a nice coat. I have a casual winter coat that isn't my favorite and that is really my only cold weather coat. I want the coat to be washable and a fun color. I will probably need to draw some money from a few other places to have enough for a coat. I'll also be on the lookout for deals after Thanksgiving!

I have a couple of $10 Kohl's promo coupons - one I got in the mail, plus another for my birthday which is this month. I also have a nice amount of credit at thredUp (this is my sign up link which gives you $10 off your first order, plus a $10 credit for me) from a recent bag of items that I sent in, so I am browsing their site for pieces, too. I also still have a $50 credit to Curated By Kelly, so I should be able to get some good items with all my gift cards and credits!
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Rachel Lynne said…
Love the purse you found at Goodwill! Great find!