November Clothing Budget

Another month finished - time for my November clothing budget round up! I did some thrifting this month, found a winter coat, and bought some deals around Black Friday. I also used my Curated By Kelly gift certificate. I got several pieces, but plan to give a few as gifts.

November Clothing Budget

Mossimo Coat: $31.59
Moth Cardigan and American Eagle Shirt: $9.21 (Goodwill, seen here)
Black Denizen Skinnies: $17.11 (Target)
Curated By Kelly Necklace: Gift Card
Pink and Leopard Scarf: $1.60 (Goodwill)
Gray Boots: $14.58 (Payless)

Not pictured:
Gap Trouser Jeans: $5.68 (Goodwill)
Elle Dress: $2.84 (Goodwill, seen here)
Earrings from Meijer: $1.61

Total Spent: $84.22

My budget is $50 a month, so I did go over, but the coat was almost half of what I spent. The money for the coat actually came out of a separate fund I have for things that I've sold on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, etc. So taking that into account, my total was $52.63 for November. I haven't seen the boots yet, so I don't know if they will fit or not, plus I am still deciding on the black skinnies, but I'm pretty sure I am keeping those. :)

Between my birthday (today) and Christmas, I am not planning to do much shopping in December. I am on the lookout for shoes/boots and I might make a couple trips to Goodwill as well. I may share my clothing related birthday items sometime next week. I already got some cute boot socks and a pair of plaid flannel PJ's.

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Ashley said…
You got some great items this month! I especially love that coat - the trim is so cute!