Small Home Living: Introduction

For the past 2 years, I've written a 31 days series during the month of October. I wasn't planning to participate this year, but I started seeing people talking about their topics and somehow, I decided to give it a try again.

Several months ago, I posted a little bit about our house. I'll get into more specifics and details over the next month, but our house is fairly small. I realize that the size of a home is definitely relative and depends on lots of factors like the number of people in the home. We have a family of 3, so we are probably a bit more comfortable in our smaller home than a family of 5 or 6 would be. I also know people live in lots smaller spaces than we do, too.

So what will I be writing about over the next month? I have some general ideas of what I'd like to write about including how we ended up in this house, when and why we decided to stay, the financial considerations, a house tour, and how we address different challenges living in a smaller space. I'm also hoping to tackle a couple of "problem" areas in the house as I focus on our home in October. I will continue to post book reviews and occasional outfit posts, too.

I would love to have you read along during this series, and if you are writing a 31 days series, please leave me a comment so I can check it out!


I grew up in a very small home with lots of siblings, so I understand these challenges, too. Looks like an interesting series! I think I might jump in, too. We will see... you are motivating me here!
Jessica said…
This looks great, Carly. I found you through the practice link up at thenester and loved your topic idea. I'm following your blog in my feedly. I'm looking forward to reading throughout October!

(in case you're interested, my topic is 31 Days of Planting Green Grass over at )
Mrs. Bookworm said…
I am excited to read what you have to share. I also live in a small home, and this year decided to join the 31 day challenge to try and make it more homey feeling. You can find me over at
Anonymous said…
I will look forward to checking out your series. I live in a smaller home, but really big enough for two. It is a struggle though to stay organized. I am writing lists of my favorite things for the 31 Days.
Kristen said…
I live in a smaller home with 2...soon to be 3. :-) I look forward to reading your take on smaller homes this month!
Kim Burdette said…
What a great topic, Carly! My husband and I recently downsized due to an empty nest, so I am looking forward to your posts. I am also taking the 31 day challenge and would love it if you checked out my topic as well.

31 Days of Starting Over…-starting-over/
Kim Burdette said…
Hi Carly,

This is a great topic and I can't wait to read more. My husband and I are (almost) empty nesters and have downsized recently from a 3,500 square foot home to a 1600 sq. ft. condo. It's been wonderful. I've been forced to simplify and purge. I look forward to your thoughts.

I'm taking the 31 day challenge as well and would love you to take a look if interested.…-starting-over/
My husband & I live in a verrrry tiny home! I'm looking forward to your series!