31 Days of Seeking Simplicity: What Does Simplicity Look Like?

There are magazines and books that talk about simple living and web sites, too. What does simplicity actually look like? How is it reflected in real homes and real lives? 

I did a Pinterest search on "simple living" (ah yes, Pinterest, which may actually contribute to the antithesis of simplicity) and found all sorts of results. Lovely landscapes, soothing living rooms, book titles, quotes, and more all were a part of the findings.

I do think simplicity looks different for each person. For some, it might be simple furnishings and organized surroundings. For others, it might be making items from scratch and canning and preserving others. Even these good things can cause life to become complicated - the pursuit of organization, the time and energy it takes to make items from scratch, etc. 

I am an avid organizer, list maker, and declutterer, but sometimes I get worn out from the constant pace as I never seem to come to the end of any of these tasks.

For me, the simplicity I am seeking over the next month encompasses a few areas:
  • Staying home more, even if it means saying no sometimes
  • Buying less
  • Choosing projects that truly add value to the lives of my family members
  • Exploring whether various organization tools such as list making, goal setting, cleaning schedules, etc help or hinder simplicity
  • Finding time to say yes to my family more
I don't have a formal plan for this 31 days series. However, I hope to share my successes and failures in seeking simplicity, resources that help along the way, and those sweet, simple moments that are worth savoring and remembering.

How does simplicity look for you? 


Anonymous said…
Well, saying 'No' is big for me, especially during the holidays. It seems like everyone plans something during Thanksgiving to Christmas. There's no possible way to do everything and sometimes saying no works wonders.

I think staying home is a good idea too. My life is anything but simple right now, but it's a season and I'm embracing it. God is good and gives us just what we need to make it through those times. God bless your journey.