What I Wore and Week 3 Lent Check In

It's Friday again! Today felt a bit more like spring here - sunny and around 40. The birds sounded different, too! I wanted to include some brighter colors today and I wore flats even though my feet were pretty chilly. :)

 Jeans: DKNY via GW, Flats: Target, Shirt: Meijer, Scarf: Kohl's, Bracelet: Target, Earrings: Avon

With it starting to feel a little more springlike, I am feeling the urge to get a few new pieces, so the Lent shopping hiatus is a little harder. I am also seeing a shift in my wish list wants. I am seeing floral tops that I like and definitely would like a couple of spring colored tops.

One other frustration this week was having to get rid of a black blazer I bought only a few months ago - very disappointing. It just didn't wear well at all and looked really terrible. I will want to replace it and need to figure out what brand to get that will wear longer! I am thinking that I may need to shift my monthly budget allocations away from lots of inexpensive items (jewelry, tops, etc) to one more expensive purchase each month and fewer small items.

I definitely am starting to recognize more of my buying patterns - 70% off jewelry at Target, Kohl's clearance, etc. I am also continuing to participate in March Madness through our local Goodwill and have worn at least one thrifted item every day this month.

I also have a couple of clothing patterns I may attempt. One is a simple dress and the other is a ruffled tank I bought last year. Patterns make me extremely nervous, but these Sew Simple patterns are somewhat more manageable, so I may give them a try.

Any news from you? Is it feeling more like spring where you are? Any new spring inspired purchases? Any recommendations for a reasonably priced blazer that hold up? I would love to hear!

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