What a Week!: Quick Update

Goodness, this has been a week! We started out the week getting new flooring in most of our house. It took a lot longer than I anticipated, and wow have things been a mess in the house! Here are some before and during photos of the kitchen:

Now we have a sick little girl, but we are grateful to have the flooring finished and some things back in order again.

Lent Update Week 2: Still no clothing or accessories purchased during Lent! This week I was too busy to shop much anyway!

Our local Goodwill is doing a fun March Madness challenge where they are encouraging people to wear an item from Goodwill each day during March. I am not sure I will participate every day, but it seems like a good way for me to try and wear more of my wardrobe during March. Here are day 1 and day 2 - I look pretty tired, I think!

 Sweater and skinnies from Goodwill, Boots from Target

Sweater and cowl neck shirt from Goodwill

How has your week been? Leave me a comment! I'd love to hear from you!

Hoping to share a few more photos of the "after" on the floor and carpet next week!


so, now we need a picture of the finished floor...:0)
and I hope your little one feels better soon.
Sewing Mom said…
Love that purple sweater. Hope your little one is feeling better soon.
Anonymous said…
Ahhh, renovations. They are exciting, frustrating, and exhausting all at once. Hope your little one starts feeling better over the weekend!
- Heather