Lent: Give Up or Give Back

Lent is right around the corner - it starts next Wednesday! My husband was raised Catholic and has always given up something for Lent. For him, it is usually chocolate and this is a true sacrifice for him. Over the last couple of years, my mom and I have given up buying fabric. I've also seen other people give back instead - trying to give more during Lent or focus on specific needs during that season.

This year, I am going to give up shopping for clothes in addition to the fabric buying fast. I have really started to enjoy shopping again, but lately I have felt like I am going too often and am spending too much time and energy trying to find just the right things to add to my wardrobe. I am hoping by fasting from shopping during the 40 days of Lent, I'll be able to refocus my energy on better uses of my time.

I will write more about this during the first few days of Lent, but I'd love to hear if you are considering giving anything up for Lent or giving back instead. I am hoping to do a weekly check in on Friday or each week during Lent as a way for me to be accountable, but I'd love to have you comment or share if you are going to working through a similar journey.

Leave me a comment about anything you will be doing during Lent. If there is enough interest, I might try to host a link up where you can post your stories on your blog during this time.


Sewing Mom said…
I'm not catholic, so have never done anything for lent. However, I do believe in fasting from things, but at any time during the year, as I feel the Holy Spirit prompting.

I have fasted from 'thrifting' in the past, for a month. I do believe that these times help to break some of the hold these things have on us. I think that there is a spirit governing our age - it's based on coveteousness. I know we don't like to think about it, but wanting more and desiring things we don't have is really rooted in this. I struggle with it - especially when it comes to fabric. We see things with our eyes, 'lust' after them, then want them - which is the coveting part.

I think it's good to take stock. The Bible says, 'Godliness, with contentment, is great gain.' I know that when we come to this place in our lives, we can be at peace, resting content in the many things we have, or don't have, counting all the blessings of the Lord.

Thanks for the reminder today to take this to heart. I always need to remember to be content. In fact, I literally just took two huge piles of clothes from my wardrobe this past week and gave them away. It's nice to have a cleaner closet. =)