August Clothing Budget

Before I start on my August budget, I have a few updates to the July budget! The ThredUp dress I bought last month didn't work out at all, so I sold that on Ebay. I tried to purchase another shirt from eShakti, and that didn't fit, so I am selling that on Ebay, too! If you're keeping track from the July roundup, that makes a total of 5 misses and returns. I think I am planning to stick to Kohl's and Target for my future dress shopping - at least those stores are local so I can return things easily. I also bought this tote from Target for 70% off (no longer available), so that took the place of the floral dress in my July budget. I ended up at around $52.00 for July.

This month, I found some nice items at Goodwill, including a dark olive jacket with some military-inspired details.

I have discovered that proportionate to my budget, I spend too much on scarves and jewelry - they're so pretty and they're only $5!! - and I need to focus more on filling actual gaps in my wardrobe first. I do love scarves though, and found 2 super pretty ones that have already been worn more than once.

August Budget

Here's the breakdown on what I got!
  • Merona Tank and Tee from Target - $8.18 - I needed a white tank and a few solid tees, so I bought these when the clearance was an extra 25% off recently.
  • Christopher and Banks Olive Jacket via Goodwill - $5.64
  • Navy Lands' End Pintucked Shift Dress and Jade Green Worthington Cardigan via Goodwill - $5.42 - Worn here
  • Green and White Print Dress from Kohl's - $4.53 - When I saw this dress in my size for $5, I couldn't pass it up. I even had a 15% off coupon!
  • 3 Stone Bubble Necklace from Caroline G Shop in Purple - $6.96 - I have been looking for a purple necklace, so hopefully this will get a lot of wear.
  • Scarf and Necklace Set from Charming Charlie - $9.00 (Plus my husband purchased a necklace set for me as a gift)
  • Orange, Pink, and Grey Striped Scarf from Meijer - $3.20 - I was excited to find this marked down while grocery shopping. Love the colors!
Total Spent: $42.94

I'm hoping to get some time to shop this weekend, so I might need to write another post if I find anything. I still have $7 left for this month and I have a bit extra (around $10) from selling the Shabby Apple dress that didn't fit, so I might still be able to cross something off my list yet this month. :)

For September, I need try and focus on picking up some of the items that I actually need - not scarves and jewelry. :) I think I need to buy from my list at the beginning of the month, and if I have any money left, I can pick up some "fun" stuff toward the end of the month.

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Sweetened Style said…
Great finds, that little blazer is adorable!