July Budget

Overall, I did well with my budget this month and found some great items at garage sales and Goodwill. It was an odd month in terms of returning things, though. I got a floral maxi dress (Old Navy, new with tags) from ThredUp with credit from items I sold there, but it didn't work for me, so I sold it at Plato's Closet yesterday. Strike 1. I also won $50 gift cards to eShakti and Shabby Apple, so I was excited to pick out some new dresses from each place. The eShakti dress arrived first and just wasn't flattering, so back it went. Strike 2. The Shabby Apple dress was last to arrive. It was super cute and fit well overall, but it was the kind of dress that I felt like if I gained 2 pounds I wasn't going to wear it. That one was final sale, and it is up for sale on Ebay right now. Strike 3.

Sigh. I still have the eShakti credit (not the full amount because I had to pay for return shipping) and am hoping to sell the Shabby Apple dress and use that money toward a new dress, but time will tell. I am a little disappointed, but I do have some good July purchases to share!

July Purchases

1. Mark Great Shapes Necklace - $7.55
2. Chicos Tank and Michael Kors Jeans - $4.08 (after remainder of Goodwill gift card)
3. Bronze White Mountain Hotel Flats - $4.50 (Goodwill)
4. Grey V-Neck Tee - $4.47 (Kohl's)
5. 2 Summer Weight Print Scarves - $2.76 (Originally Target, purchased at Goodwill)
6. Down East Basics Floral Dress - $8.50 (after ThredUp credit)
7. New York and Co Red Cardigan - $1.00 (Garage sale, new with tags)
8. Floral Print Denim Shirt - $7.40 (Maurices)
9. Fossil Small Crossbody Organizer Bag - $5.00 (Garage sale)
10. Avon Earrings - $4.50

Total: $49.76 (Monthly budget is $50)

I've worn the necklace, tank, flats, tee, scarves, cardigan, and denim shirt several times already. They are pieces that work well with what I already have. I still haven't received the dress and am really hoping it works for me! The Fossil bag was a fun garage sale find. It is in really nice shape and I love the color.

Colorful flats and cardigans, neutral skinny pants (olive, tan, and/or black), an olive utility jacket, and a navy and white striped tee shirt are on my list for August. I am sure I will come up with some more items I'd like, but those are my main ones right now. I'm watching the shoe clearance at Target and when it goes to 70% off at our store, I have my eye on some pretty flats!

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Nicole said…
Love that purse, the color is so pretty!
That stinks that those two dresses didn't work out :( But hopefully you'll be able to sell the Shabby Apple dress on eBay!

You did a great job with your budget this month - I am amazed at what you got for $50!