DIY Patriotic Manicure

I usually have my toenails painted during the summer months, but I rarely paint my fingernails. I can't remember the last time I painted my own nails! I am definitely not a nail expert!

Avon challenged the 2013 Makeup Mavens to create a patriotic manicure look just in time for 4th of July. At first, I wasn't sure what I would do, but when I was looking through some ideas I had pulled out of a magazine, I came across this tutorial for creating glitter fade nails in 4 easy steps from Lucky Magazine.

I decided to give this a try with a red, white, and blue twist. Here's what I used:

1. Avon Nailwear Pro in Vintage Blue
2. Avon Clear Speed Dry (received this as a part of one of the Makeup Maven prize bundles)
3. Martha Stewart Glitter in Red, White, and Blue Shades

First, I applied 2 coats of the Vintage Blue Nailwear. I had the 3 different colors of glitter in separate bowls. I used the polish brush from Clear Speed Dry to get a bit of glitter on it, then brushed the glitter on the tip of the nail starting at the top and moving down. I alternated the red, white, and blue glitter (the white didn't show up too well), then finished with a coat of the clear to seal everything.

My daughter liked it, so of course, I had to do her nails the same way!

It was fun to do something different like this and I might give it a try again in the future.

What are your favorite nail looks? Any favorite products?

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UGH!!! My girls made a mess with nail polish yesterday. Grrrr...

Your nails look cute, though! Did the glitter stay on well?

I need to do something about my toenails- there is barely any polish left on them. I painted them at Easter, with great flexibility, and I don't think I can manage that now. My girls wanted to mess around in the nail polish- I should make them do it!
Love the red, white, and blue nails!!
Lisa said…
Pretty and reminds me of fireworks! Happy 4th to you!
Sewing Mom said…
I think I tend to be like you...painted toes, hardly ever nails. I think it's a waste of time. I did paint my nails on Sunday and within 1 hour, I had chips in the paint and smudges. =)

I don't use avon products, but I did just buy some clear calcium to coat my nails and strengthen them. I figured it's better than nothing.

Looks like you're both ready for the 4th! =)