Monday Odds and Ends

What? It's Monday again?? Another weekend is past and a new week is ready to begin. Hope you had a good weekend with your family and friends. I can't believe June is already over halfway over!

Speaking of June...less than 2 weeks until Google Reader is finished. I have switched over to Bloglovin', but I still have been using Reader. This week, I am going to try to get into the habit of reading my blogs through Bloglovin'. I'd love to have you follow me there.

We had a nice Fathers' Day - got ice cream from the best local ice cream place, enjoyed dinner with my family, read books, and relaxed. Speaking of reading, here's what we're reading right now:

We've been enjoying going to garage sales and finding some great items. I should take some photos and share some of our favorites soon. We hadn't found any Pyrex until my parents went to a tag sale this weekend and picked up 2 Amish Butterprint casserole dishes. They are so pretty and they match the bowl from my grandparents' house. Now to find some Pink Gooseberry...

Week 2 of summer reading programs starts today. Which explains why I have 2 pans of "magic treasure rocks" in my kitchen. :) They are a fun and simple science activity for kids, though. You can see our video of when we tried it here.

I'll end with a bit of giveaway news: You can still enter to win our summer giveaway through today. I'd love it it if you stopped by and entered! We are also participating in a giveaway at for Lauren and Lauren, so check there for the post as well.

What are your plans for today and this week? How was your weekend?

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Rebecca said…
I love what you found! I found a Pyrex bowl in that same pattern at Goodwill a few months ago. It's such a pretty pattern :)
love the dishes...I am hunting for some like them myself.
My son has wrestling camp for the next few days, so the girls and I want to do some fun things... if they ever finish their chores! My baby girl turned two today, so we have a birthday to plan, too! Have a great week!!