This is going to be an odds and ends post so here we go!


I am not a nonfiction reader, but Kisses from Katie has been awesome so far!

Around the House:
We moved some things around after our flooring project and got out some things we haven't been using for awhile.

 We got this lamp when we got married and it is perfect on top of the piano!

 My parents bought us some get well/spring flowers.

 Using  some table linens from my grandparents. Either my grandma or my great-grandma did the stitching.

 Love my owl and the clock was another wedding present we got back out.

Mom made me a new fabric bin (more in the shop) to match my pillows in the living room. It turned out really cute!

I also started a March Madness Pinterest board to keep track of all the outfits I wear with Goodwill items in them this month

What are you up this week? Anything you are reading, enjoying, or working on? Leave me a comment - I try to respond to all of them! :)

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Carly - I love the linens! My mom used to do embroidery, back in the day! I remember her teaching me how to do the "lazy daisy" stitch :)
Everything looks great! The embroidery is beautiful!!

I had a horrible experience at Goodwill yesterday, and I probably will not go back there in a very long time, if ever. I did get a nightstand for my husband, though.