Lent Check In: Week 1

We are now 10 days into Lent and I am 10 days into my no clothing/accessories shopping fast. So far, I've been doing OK, but I have felt like I've been learning some things and making some observations.

1. I really, really, really, don't need anything. OK. I definitely knew that before, but now that I am focusing on the things I already have, I realize how I have absolutely no true "needs" right now. And I am grateful.

2. I've been trying to keep track of times when I do have trouble getting dressed and what item would be helpful for me to have in that situation. So far, I've come up with 2 things: a cream tank top and another pair of black pants, preferably a slim cut pair that can be tucked into boots.

3. I am wearing more of my things and creating new outfits with them, which is pretty fun! After being at the mall this morning, I thought of an outfit that I could put together using a skirt, top, and cardigan that I have instead of buying a new skirt for the outfit.

4. I'm focusing on other things since I am shopping less. Lots of shopping trips were taking away from the other things I needed to be doing for myself and my family. Instead of shopping the Target clearance racks on Friday night, we did our grocery shopping last week - which made our Saturday a lot more pleasant. Not shopping for clothes has helped to simplify our errands and don't feel like I have as many places that I "have" to go to.

5. I enjoy purchasing other things besides clothes. I am not trying to replace clothes buying with something else at all, but I bought two $1 candles the other day and have been burning and enjoying the raspberry one so much. I probably wouldn't have even looked at candles if I had been focused on clothing!

Not to say that I haven't been tempted...we were at the mall this morning and Elder-Beerman had an amazing $4.99 clearance rack that had the cutest sweater dress and lace top on it that were calling me, but they didn't come home with me. I know there will be more deals when Lent is over, and I am hoping this process helps to reset my mindset about shopping.

Are you doing anything for Lent? Reading a devotional book, giving something up, trying to adopt a new habit? I'd love to hear from you - leave me a comment! :)

Happy Friday!


we have a church wide 40 day fast during the lent season, and I closed up my facebook farmville 2, and other games...that has really opened up a lot of time for me. hopefully I won't start again after Easter. lol.
Good for you! I try to "make do" whenever I can, which is a great skill to have. :)