Sewing List for the Week of 9/26/11

OK, so I am definitely late on this one! I decided to try writing these sewing lists to keep me working on the many, many projects in my head, but I am not sure if they are working. I definitely got some things done, but not all of them are on the list...sometimes I work on things when inspiration strikes and I skip other things in favor of that project. Also, I finish some of the things mom makes for the shop (adding Velcro, etc.) so that doesn't always make it on the list.

That being said, here is what I did get done last week:
  • Finished a zippy pouch and cut one more.
  • Made 2 mug rugs - they were intended for the shop, but I wasn't thrilled with how the finished project looked when I closed it, so my daughter and I now have matching mug rugs. :)
  • Finished 2 coffee cozies - coming soon to the shop!
  • Cut a big stack of novelty fabrics into rectangles. I am thinking about making coasters, placemats, or table toppers for the shop from them.

If you are keeping track, that is 3 out of 6 from last week. So, that leaves 3 larger projects (for me) on the list, plus now I have more ideas! I think I will call this my idea list for this week and see what I get accomplished. Here we go!

1. Start sewing corduroy dress.

2. Finish zippy pouch.

3. Baby blanket for cousin (minky and flannel)

4. Cut pillowcases.

5. Patchwork project with novelty rectangles.

6. Mug rug for shop.

7. Napkins for shop.

Well, this list is one bigger than last week...but it's good to have goals. :)

What are you working on this week? How do you prioritize your ideas and decide what to work on?