Happy 2nd Birthday!

This week was our little one's 2nd birthday. I had lots of big ideas for her party, but after we got colds last week, I kind of just said "forget it" to the big themed plans and just hoped we would all be well and able to celebrate together. This is what we did instead!
Elmo balloons from Kroger!

Crayon garland!

A birthday banner I got in Sept. from the Dollar Store.

The birthday cake...this was the third thing I tried to make. I had to throw out brownies I tried to bake in ice cream cones and a cookie pizza I tried to make. Third time's a charm!

A little outfit I made for her

Her favorite presents were her baby doll and her new play kitchen. We had a great birthday!


Maggie said…
Happy birthday to your little miss! I can't believe she's already two!
Annie said…
Happy Birthday to her!!! God bless your girl.