Colorful Crayons Birthday Party Planning

We have been thinking about our little girl's 2nd birthday party lately, and I think we have finally settled on a "theme". We aren't going to have a big party as some of our family cannot travel to be with us, but we will have two small parties, one with each side of the family. I have been searching online for ideas to fit my "colorful crayon" theme and have found a lot! Even though we won't be using all of these ideas, I thought I'd share some things I found in my searching!

Brownies in a Cone Recipe - This looks fun and simple. Since we will have two little parties and also celebrate on her actual birthday, I thought we could do these as a change from cake for one of the events!

Box of Crayons Cake - This looks a little too hard for me, but my mom thinks we can do it. We'll see if we try or not!

Pretzel Crayon Treats - These are cute and my daughter likes pretzels (or pickles as she calls them!).

Crayon Candle - Cute for a decoration, perhaps?

Crayon Birthday Candles

Fill in the Blank Party Invitations - Since we only need a few of these, I thought these colorful cards would work well embellished with crayon stickers my husband bought at the teaching store today.

I am still hunting for some free crayon downloads to use as decorations. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!