Quiet Time Tubs

A little while ago, I mentioned wanting to work on quiet time tubs for my daughter. I put together 5 tubs for her with a variety of activities and books for her to play with.

I am not using these terribly systematically yet. I do not rotate them or use them daily right now. I do bring out a tub of toys in the morning or after a nap when she needs something to play with independently.

Not all of the toys are truly "quiet" - for example her Fridge Farm and her Baby Einstein Music toy. The tubs also work nicely for rotating toys and books. I have also taken a tub of items with us to church twice so far.

Most of my tubs have themes: Colors, Letters, Numbers, Farm, etc. but there are items in each that don't really fit the theme. Here are some of the items I've included in them.
  • Foam Letters
  • Large Pom Poms
  • Flashcards - Colors, Letters, Shapes, Words (She likes to look at these.)
  • Books
  • Stacking Rings
  • Farmer in the Dell Cards
  • Soft Cat Puppet Book
I am looking forward to adding to these and refining them as she gets older and there are more things I can include. The Dollar Spot at Target and the Dollar Tree are sure to yield some good finds. (I got the flashcards at the Dollar Tree.)

Do you have any other ideas of items I can include in these tubs? Do you do anything similar with your toddlers or young children?