July 2016 Clothing Budget

It's been a couple months since my last clothing budget, and this month I did some shopping at Goodwill, garage sales, Schoola, and some retail stores. I overspent my budget for the month by about $10, but I've only spent around half of my $600 budget for the year, so I'm in pretty good shape. Here's what I bought this month:

July 2016 Clothing Budget


  • J.Crew chambray skirt and DexFlex striped flats - $10
Garage sales:

  • Charlotte Russe dark red maxi skirt - $1 (NWT)
  • Jellypop Elsa black flats - $1 (NIB)


  • Denim espadrilles - $12.66
  • Woven tote - $5.76


  • Merona plaid button up - $5.16
  • Apt. 9 print blouse and Boston Proper skinny jeans - $0.75 (I ordered a pair of white jeans that were not in great shape from Schoola and they refunded the full amount of the jeans and gave me a $10 credit to spend. I was really pleased with their customer service!)


  • 2 Sonoma tanks and a pair of Sonoma skinny jeans - $10.15

The Fabulous Female:

  • Tagua shell earrings - $13.87 (This is a local boutique.)

Total spent: $60.35

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Cassie said…
Love the print on that woven tote! It looks like it would be a great way to add a little extra interest to an outfit.
irinka said…
Wow, you got some really good deals