Summer Closet Remix: 10 Pieces, 14 Outfits - June Mini Capsule Challenge

It's been awhile since I've posted much fashion-related here on the blog as I've taken most of my outfit posts over to Instagram. I still have a $50 a month clothing budget and I still love remixing and trying to make the most of my closet!

I'm not currently participating in a shopping fast, but I do belong to a Facebook group called "Let's Be Shop Free for 3" and the group members are all trying to support each other as they try to make fewer, more thoughtful purchases.

I love a good remix, so I volunteered to organize one for the group and thought I could open it up for blog and Instagram participation as well.

For this remix or mini capsule wardrobe challenge, choose 10 clothing items from your current wardrobe. Spend some time playing around with the pieces and think about what's on your schedule for the last two weeks in June. Make sure you pick pieces that you love and are comfortable in - that's key! You'll be wearing these 10 pieces for the last 14 days of June from June 17-June 30. The goal is to take 10 pieces and make 14 different outfits.

You can blog about your experience if you'd like or post about it on Instagram or in the Facebook group. If you post on Instagram use the hashtag #summer10x14remix. I will be posting about my remix primarily on Instagram, but I'm hoping to put a link up here on the blog for other bloggers to share their remix posts.

Additional Info and Resources:

Questions? Thinking of participating? Leave me a comment and have a great weekend!!