November Clothing Budget (Really Late!) and a Quick Update

I'm still here! I know it is more than halfway through December, but I wanted to do a quick November budget post so I would have a record of the whole year on here.

My birthday was Nov. 30, so I got a few things for my birthday, bought some things on Black Friday, and had a couple of odds and ends during the earlier part of the month. I'm having trouble getting Polyvore to work, so I will just list this month's budget and expenses.

Mustard Mossimo Cardigan from Target: $5.13
Bird Print Blouse from Goodwill: $4.98
Plaid Mossimo Button Up from Target: $7.00
Plaid Scarf from Charming Charlie: $5.00
Olive Laura Scott Vest from Sears: Birthday money
Blue Sonoma Pants from Ebay: Gift card and birthday money

I also bought a couple of tops from Goodwill without trying them on (always a mistake!) and neither one worked so that was a waste of around $7.00

Total spent in November: $29.11 out of pocket

I am still posting outfit photos on Instagram. That seems to be working better for me convenience wise right now. I'd love it if you'd follow me there and leave me your Instagram name below! I am more or less still working with a capsule wardrobe. Each month, I select around 35 pieces to work with. I sometimes add or subtract items as needed, but overall I stick with my choices. It has been so helpful. It is much easier and less overwhelming when I get dressed each morning, and since the last couple months have been pretty stressful (my dad will be having more surgery in January and it's pretty major), it's been nice to take that (minor) stress off my plate. I find I still like to shop, but I make fewer impulse purchases. This month, I replaced my riding boots, found a solid midi skirt, thrifted a pair of gray cords, and got a cute gray embellished sweatshirt. I think I have a clearer idea of what I like to wear and overall I am picking things that get worn more often.

I have a book review and an Influenster box review coming up soon and soon it will be time for a roundup of December's purchases!


Iris How said…
Good job! I am tossing around the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I like the way you are doing it.