Favorite Things This Week: Vol. 3

I've been enjoying this weekly favorites post. It's been good for me - I get a chance to focus throughout the week on the positives that come my way. So here we go with three of my favorites from this week!

1. Seems like a lot of my favorites lately deal with flowers. :) I do love flowers, so this makes sense. This week, my daughter started her dance classes. On Monday, she tumbles at one location and then has jazz at another location. As we were driving to the second class, we found this awesome free cutting garden! It was so fun, I took my mom back there the following day. It was still fun, but the sand sucked my foot and sandal down into the mud! It wasn't even wet. She got a bunch of sunflowers, so was very happy. :)

2. I have been working on some new ideas for my library programs. This week, I made some fun smelling bottles for a five senses science program I have coming up. My daughter tested them out for me and said they were pretty neat. :) I also made a couple of finger puppet gloves from this idea here at Storytime Katie.

3. I found this gorgeous new piece of Pyrex at Goodwill on Friday! I was thrilled it had the lid - lots of times the casserole dishes are missing lids - but I couldn't tell what kind of lid it had until I bought it and took it to the car. Love this gorgeous daisy! If the Daisy Pyrex wasn't enough, a sweet lady from church knew I have been looking for pink (!) Pyrex. She saved me two pieces of Pink Gooseberry that had been donated to our church rummage sale! They cleaned up beautifully and look right at home in my collection.

So those are my favorites from this week! How about you? I'm linking up to MomAdvice.