Favorite Things This Week: Vol. 2

Another week finished! It was a short one - I could definitely get used to 4-day work/school weeks!

Here are my favorites from this week!


1. Field of Sunflowers - We visited this field on Labor Day and it was just gorgeous! So pretty! We all took turns taking photos.

2. This Feather Printable - I also love the story behind it, so take some time to read through some of the previous posts.

3. Porch Decor - I didn't get any photos yet, but I spent $50 today on a few new items for our porch and put up some fall decor. Our Lowe's had some great deals on plant stands, mums, and more, so I really got some good deals. It's been awhile since I've done something like this, so it was fun.

What are your favorites from this week?

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