Summer Remix: Final Thoughts

Here we are at the end of the summer remix challenge! I made a collage of all my looks, but I can't get the image to load. You can take a look at all the looks together in this Polyvore collage.

I learned a lot from the challenge. Overall, I was surprised that I didn't mind wearing the same pieces during the time frame. I am glad that my wardrobe is a in a better place and that I am happy with the vast majority of what I have.

I loved that I had some great skirts and dresses to wear. I did get rid of one of my skirts after the challenge was over - I've had it a few years and just didn't love most of the outfits that included the skirt, so decided it was time to weed it out of my closet.

My most worn pieces were my white cropped pants, boyfriend jeans, black tee, and chambray shirt. My mint cardigan got a lot of wear, too. I also loved the denim vest and really enjoyed wearing my shorts!

I have actually been considering utilizing a capsule wardrobe more often - picking a set number of pieces and just wearing those for a month or certain time frame. It was so nice and simple to consult my list and pick an outfit to wear. It's been kind of overwhelming to have all my choices back again!!

The remix has also helped me to realize I need to focus on replacing some basics; I need a new grey tee; and I need to look for pants!

I'm linking up to Greater Than Rubies!


Amy G said…
It's great how we always learn a little through these remixes. Good for you of being in a better place with your wardrobe now. I was a little overwhelmed with my closet at the end too!
Caitlin said…
Yay!! Such a great job, Carly. I'm so glad you did the challenge, and I loved hearing your thoughts as we wrapped up. It sounds like you learned a ton. Hope you have a fantastic week and don't get too overwhelmed by your closet :)