Late Summer and Early Fall Simple Wreath DIY

I made a sunflower wreath and have been using it for several years. It was starting to look a bit worn, so I knew it was time to make a new one. My inspiration was this hydrangea wreath from One Little Momma. The directions there were great, too. I have never used hot glue for a wreath before - it worked really well!

When I got to the store, the hydrangeas were fairly expensive. Joann Fabric was running a special on their spring/summer florals - 70% plus 20% and I had a 25% off coupon, so I decided to take a look and see what might work for a late summer wreath. I ended up buying the following supplies. All prices are after coupons/discounts.
  • One bunch of hydrangeas at $5.25
  • Three bunches of cream roses at $1.80/each, $5.39
  • One 18" grapevine wreath form at $3.74
  • A pack of 30 glue sticks for my glue gun at $2.25
Approximate cost = $16.50

I had a gift card that covered most of the cost. I did buy some additional flowers that I didn't need, so I am returning a few things as well.

I cut the flowers, hot glued them to the wreath form, added some of the hydrangea leaves, and put a ribbon on for hanging.

Overall, this was a fun and simple project that didn't take too much time or money!


Lindsay said…
This is so pretty! The flowers at our Joann's are getting pretty well picked out. I wonder if I could find some... Hydrangeas are my fav and this is so beautiful!! Awesome job!