Summer Remix: Outfits 25-31

If you're following along -this is it! The last set of outfits in the 20x30 remix. I'll save most of my reflections for next week's round up, but honestly, I really didn't feel burned out wearing my pieces until the last couple of days, which is pretty good in my book! Here are the last 7 outfits!

Outfit 25: Mint Cardigan + Blue Tee + Jeans (I added this as my 20th piece, but only wore it once.) + Colorful Flats Necklaces

I actually changed into this outfit one day after work because it was so chilly!

Outfit 26: Tan Pants + Navy Striped Top + Floral Scarf + Metallic Sandals

Outfit 27: Black Tee + Black Shorts + Mint Cardigan + Colorful Scarf + Metallic Sandals

Outfit 28: Gray Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Tennis Shoes + Floral Scarf
This wasn't my favorite outfit - maybe the shoes? - but it made a comfy travel outfit on a cool rainy day.

Outfit 29: Chambray + White Crops + Metallic Sandals + Colorful Necklace

Outfit 30: Plum Tee + Gray Maxi Dress + Cognac Wedges + Lilac Necklace

I liked the look of this and it basically looked like a skirt and tee. My daughter thought this was such a cool "trick". She kept talking about it.

Outfit 31: Black and White Striped Dress + Black Tee + Metallic Sandals + White and Gold Necklace
I was kind of desperate on the last day for a work outfit, so I did the dress and top combo again. It worked, though, and I was comfy and dressed appropriately for work, so it worked!
I will be back next week with a round up of all the looks and a few final thoughts. :)
Thanks for reading!
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Amy G said…
I really like your use of colorful scarves and necklaces throughout this remix. Congrats on making it all the way through!
Caitlin said…
That's definitely good! I'm ready for the rest of my closet, too :) Love the mint with the bold scarf. So fun! Can't wait to hear all your thoughts next week. Have a fantastic weekend, Carly!