Summer Remix: Outfits 1-8

I have to confess, as soon as the Summer Remix Challenge was announced, I started picking pieces and wearing outfits made up of the pieces. I already am close to halfway through the challenge. Today I'm sharing my first 8 outfits.

This time, I wrote up a list of outfits based on the pieces and I'm checking them off as I wear them. It's been nice to have a list of outfit ideas to refer to and I was able to create a list of over 50 outfits - and I could make more! Really interesting to see how many options can be made from so few clothing choices.


Outfit 1: Maxi Dress + Scarf (thrifted) + Hoops (Avon) + Metallic Sandals (Payless)

Outfit 2: Plum Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Necklace (Avon) + Sandals (Born via + Cognac Bag (Apt. 9, thrifted)

Outfit 3: Black Tee + White Pants + Turquoise Scarf (Kohl's) + Turquoise Earrings (Avon) + Cognac Wedges (Leather, Merona, thrifted)

This outfit was inspired by this pin.

This bracelet is one my favorites. My friend bought it for me from a street vendor in Brazil. Love the colors and it worked perfectly with this outfit!

Outfit 4: Blue Tee + Tan Pants + Scarf (Clothes Mentor) + Earrings (Meijer) + Sandals (Born)

Outfit 5: Grey Tee + Denim Shorts + Tennis Shoes (Saucony via + Scarf (Maurices)

Outfit 6: Pastel Button Down + Black Shorts + Metallic Sandals (Payless) + Fedora (JCPenney)

Outfit 7: Striped Dress + Denim Vest + Cognac Wedges + Turquoise Jewelry (Avon)

Outfit 8: Maxi Skirt + Blue Tee + Necklace + Earrings + Metallic Sandals

Let's has been a long time since I've worn shorts. I only own 2 pairs, the ones shown above, except for running shorts. The black shorts or super old and the denim ones were thrifted fairly recently. I think I liked outfits 2, 3, and 6 the best and number 8 the least. The maxi skirt and dress have been super comfy for busy days at work so far.

I'm linking up to Greater Than Rubies!

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Anonymous said…
I love your outfits!
Anonymous said…
Haha, I love that you started early! :)
#s 2 & 7 are my favorites - maybe you would've liked #8 better with a belted or knotted waist?
Carrie Carson said…
You picked some very versatile pieces for this remix. Love the gray maxi.
Caitlin said…
I love that you started early, too! I normally do, but with vacation, it didn't happen. The list of outfits to go from is a great way to not feel overwhelmed and just work your way through the challenge. Looking forward to seeing more, Carly! You picked such versatile pieces. Way to go!
Becky Goerend said…
Great outfits! I love how the scarves add to it all!
Amy G said…
Way to get a ahead! The first three are my favorites. I agree with Selah on #8, it needs something to give it more of a waistline. Maybe even tucking it in, or partial tucking?
Brynn said…
I really like the boyfriend jeans in your second outfit and the way you tied your scarf in the third outfit!