Summer Remix Challenge: The Pieces

Today kicks off the 20x30 Summer Remix Challenge at Greater Than Rubies. Below are my pieces. You'll notice I picked 18 pieces. I'll explain...

Summer Remix Challenge Pieces

Here are the pieces I chose:
  • Blue Heathered Tee (Sonoma, Kohl's)
  • Plum Tee (Merona, Target)
  • Black Tee (American Living, Macy's)
  • Grey Tee (Old Navy)
  • Lime Green Tee (Sonoma, Kohl's)
  • Light Blue Chambray (Croft and Barrow, Kohl's)
  • Pastel Plaid Button Down (Mossimo, Goodwill)
Completer Pieces:
  • Mint Cardigan (H&M, Goodwill)
  • Denim Vest (DIY from garage sale denim jacket)
  • Black Shorts (Lee, Kohl's)
  • Denim Shorts (Lee, Goodwill)
  • Black Floral Skirt (American Living, Goodwill)
  • White Cropped Pants (LOFT, Goodwill)
  • Boyfriend Jeans (Apt. 9, Goodwill)
  • Tan Dress Pants (Merona, Goodwill)
  • Print Maxi Skirt (Mossimo, Target)
  • Grey Maxi Dress (Merona, Target)
  • Black and White Striped Dress (George, Garage Sale)
I have been searching for a few of these items for quite awhile and managed to find a couple at garage sales yesterday! I got the striped dress for $2 and the denim jacket (turned vest) for $5. I was able to pick these 18 pieces fairly easily, so I decided to leave the other two as "wildcards". I might end up adding a couple pieces from my closet, or if I find any of the items on my wishlist, I will incorporate those into the final two slots.
I'm linking up at Greater Than Rubies - can't wait to see everyone else's pieces!


Ashley said…
I like the idea of leaving two pieces for wildcards. I have never done a challenge like this, but I feel like most people who have always say it's nice to bring in something different later in the challenge! Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I think some wildcard spots are a great idea! That striped dress is awesome! $2?!?
Becky Goerend said…
Love your pieces! I almost wonder who won't have a chambray top in the challenge! So versatile!

Amy G said…
Nice choices! I like the idea of leaving 2 spots open as wildcards to be filled later. Gives you time to see what you're using most and what the weather is like!
Brynn said…
I like a lot of the pieces that you chose, Carly, especially the black floral skirt! What a great, versatile piece :) I also really like your denim vest - I have wanted one for awhile now, but haven't bitten the bullet and gotten one...perhaps throughout the course of this challenge I'll get to see just how valuable an addition to my closet it can be!
Caitlin said…
So excited to see what you come up with! The wildcard idea is great. Looking forward to seeing what those pieces end up being! :)