Link Round Up: End of the School Year Edition

I really enjoy reading posts where people share some of their favorite articles from a variety of sources. I thought it might be fun to share links of what I'm reading as well. Since we are winding down with school (finally - 2 more days!), I've been getting ready to spend more time with my daughter this summer. :) Many of these links relate to that focus right now.

  • 15 Tips for the Highly Sensitive Parent - This is me. And my daughter is a highly sensitive child. Good stuff here.
  • My New Morning Routine - I need to develop a new routine for the summer since we won't be doing drop off at 8:20 and pick up at 3:30 for awhile. Any suggestions that work for you?
  • What Every Parent Must Know About Parenting a Six Year Old - So helpful! Do you find this to be true for your child that is or was this age?
  • Sew Simple Girls Club - I want to focus on taking more time this summer to teach my daughter about sewing, cooking, laundry, personal finance, etc. I think this sewing club looks so fun!
  • Jump in to Summer Learning - The teacher in me can't let the summer go by without a plan for learning. Right now, the plan is one of these worksheets each week day, plus I will have her read at least one book a day to us. I got some letter sized boxes from Big Lots ($4.50) for each weekday and I'll put the worksheet and book in there, plus some other supplies for creating and learning. We'll see how it goes!
Do you have any favorite links to share with me? Any summer plans?